Everyone can use a little motivation when it comes to going outside for a run, right? Unless you’re a half-marathon fanatic or avid jogger, running around the block doesn’t come easy. While you might have used apps like Nike+ Running to stay focused, sometimes running solo isn’t that fun.


If you’ve been looking for a new way to make running more enjoyable, you’re in luck. Turfly is an app that turns running into an exciting fitness game. Turfly transforms your daily run or walk into an epic turf war between you and your friends. Instead of tracking your running performance, Turfly only pays attention to the fun you’re having on your run.

The app transforms your city into a world of “turfs” that are approximately the length of a football field. In order to defend your “turf,” you have to walk or run through each grid to earn points. The more points you rack up in a specific turf, the closer you come to taking it over. Your goal is to paint your neighborhood blue by going through as many turfs as possible.

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If you’re feeling competitive, challenge your friends to a turf war. Take over their “turfs” by running or walking through their neighborhoods. For example, if you see a turf that’s red, this means you have the opportunity to take that turf over and claim it as your territory.

What makes Turfly unique from other fitness apps is that it gamifies your running experience. Instead of worrying about how far you have to run, you can focus on the fun you’re having while stealing back your turf. If you’re curious about turning your workout into playtime, download Turfly for free in the iTunes store.

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(Photo via Bruce Bennet/Getty)