When it comes to getting fit, a little inspiration goes a long way. Sure, it can be tough to get motivated, but there are plenty of things to help. Reading up on fitness trends, buying awesome new workout gear, downloading a fitness app and checking out the beautiful pics from our top fitness Instagrammers are a few of our go-tos. But now we have evenmore exercise encouragement for you. These fitness bloggers know how to balance eating healthy and hitting the gym. They also know it can be hard, but they’ve all overcome failures and pitfalls to get fit AND stay fit, and now they’re inspiring blog readers to do the same.

eat,lift, behappy

1. Eat, Lift & Be Happy: Neghar Fonooni is the blogger behind this inspiring site. You’ll find tips and tricks on everything from strength training to yoga with positive, motivating encouragement.

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2. Katy Gracefully: Katy started this blog because she was tired of reading the “better-than-you health blogs with unrealistic expectations for real people.” She’s still inspiring readers with honest stories and beautiful photos of her fit life in Hawaii.


3. Can You Stay For Dinner: Are you as interested in brownies and fried chicken as you are in working out? Andie Mitchell knows the feeling and balances the incredible recipes on her blog along with tips and advice about exercise. She’s shed 100 pounds so she definitely knows what she’s talking about.


4. Fit is Well: Georgeanna Johnson lost 165 pounds on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss and now she tells the world about her quest for a healthy life on this blog. Expect real-life stories of failures and successes and even some tips from famous fitness experts who have helped her along the way.

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5. Q by Equinox: Unlike a traditional fitness blog, this site curates fitness and nutrition information from all over the web for a comprehensive look at what’s up in the health world.


6. Authentically Emmie: Talk about inspirational. This blogger is on a journey to a healthier life that already has her 113 pounds lighter. She includes bits about working out, healthy eating and even fashion.


7. Grit by Brit: If you need a blog that makes working out and eating healthy seem fun, then Brit is your girl. She writes honestly about her own weight loss struggles, which eventually led her to open her own fitness studio.


8. Peanut Butter Fingers: Don’t let the name of this blog fool you. While it features a good share of recipes, it’s also packed with helpful workout posts that target specific fitness goals.


9. Lift Like a Girl: On this site, blogger Nia Shanks puts her own fitness experience to work for you through blog posts and podcasts. You’ll be extra inspired after seeing the progress other readers make featured on her site.


10. Ask Lauren Fleshman: The writer behind this site is a pro runner who uses her blog as a platform to answer real questions from real people seeking fitness advice.

11. Black Girls Run: Whether you’re new to running or you’ve got a stack of racing medals in your closet, Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks have created a blog that will inspire you to throw on a pair of kicks and head out the door. From wearables to racing attire and running inspo, they’ve got it all covered.


12. Lindsey Melott Yoga: This yogi shares personal experiences and research to reveal the benefits of yoga, but you don’t have to actually practice to relate to her insights about hard work and transformation.


13. The Hungry Runner Girl: This blogger is a new mom with a lifelong passion for running. Fellow moms will be especially inspired by her site, which reveals how she manages motherhood and exercise.

Where do you find fitness inspiration? Do you have a favorite health blog?