In the Brit + Co. spirit of simplifying your life, we’ve found another amazing app that might just become a daily staple on your homescreen. Called Foresee, this app helps you plan your workouts and outdoor activities based on your personalized preferences for the corresponding weather.

So if you only like to run when it’s 50-65 degrees outside and sunny, this app will tell you all of the pockets of time to get out for a jaunt. Or, if you’re like me, and only like to ski when it’s snowing (gotta get that powder!), 9am (first in the lift line), and not crazy “I’m-about-to-get-frostbitten” cold, Foresee will soon become your new best friend.

As you can see above, there are all kinds of activities that you can select from. You can also choose multiple cities that you like to do those activities in. So if you ski in one city, hike in another, and run in your hometown, you can get alerts for all of them. Once you’ve selected your city and activities, you can then customize your preferences for when you want to be alerted to do those activities. The app lets you set temperature, precipitation, UV levels, humidity levels, windiness, and cloud cover parameters for each activity. It hooks into the local weather forecast (and even the extended forecast for all of you Type-A planners) so that you can get a snapshot of the best time to get outdoors today or in the coming days.

Given that it’s summertime right now, I think this app could be especially useful for learning which time of day is best to go to the beach or pool. Definitely opt for using the UV ray filters for this one — less skin cancer for all!

So while yes, you can clearly check the weather all the time, this little piece of tech cuts down the time it takes to plan your next outdoor adventure. Plus, it’s much prettier than many of those weather apps and calendars you may already have installed. Try it out for the upcoming holiday weekend and let us know what you think!

Would you use Foresee to plan your outdoor workouts and adventures? Let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter.