Last year was the debut of our now legendary Thanksgiving Oreo Turkey Pops. Maybe the cutest and most fun Thanksgiving project out there, three year olds to folks in their nineties love making Oreo Turkey Pops. And since they were so popular last year, we’ve brought them back for a second year!


– candy fruit slices

– chocolate melts

– Oreos

– soft caramels

– candy eye balls

– round orange sprinkles

– small heart-shaped sprinkles


– lollipop sticks

– decorating bag

– small round piping tip

Start by gathering your materials.

Next, spread some sugar on a flat surface. Use the palm of your hand or a rolling pin to gently flatten a fruit slice. Continue flattening until the slice is thin and fanned out, like a tail.

To give the tail a layered effect, roll each of the next two slices slightly smaller than the last. Repeat process with remaining fruit slices. Next, melt your chocolate melts and add to a pastry bag fitted with a small round piping tip (alternatively, you could just cut off the tip of the pastry bag). Use the chocolate to attach the “tail feathers” to each other.

Add additional chocolate to the bottom of the tail and set upright on a cookie sheet or parchment paper to dry. Don’t forget to insert the lollipop stick! Add another dollop of chocolate between the back and middle tail feathers and place the stick in between the two layers.

Now it’s time to make those cute little faces! Start by unwrapping the caramels. Soften caramels in the microwave for 10 to 20 seconds, then remove and gently roll into a ball. Then, flatten caramels slightly.

Then apply a few small dots of chocolate to the caramel for the eyes, nose, and gobble. Very carefully place each piece into place. Now use more chocolate to attach the “face” to the “body” (aka Oreo).

Let body dry for 10 minutes. Once the body has had some time to set up, attach to the tail feather with more chocolate.

Then pop your turkey pops in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before standing up. Now you’re ready to let those turkey pops shake their tail feathers!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving treats? Let us know in the comments section below!