Cold season is upon us, folks. If you’re trying your darndest to get over a bout of illness ASAP or want to attempt to avoid it altogether, it’s looking like you might want to skip the Airborne and instead cure your cold naturally with a warm cup of turmeric milk.

tumeric milk

What exactly is turmeric milk? Let’s start with a little background on its key ingredient: turmeric. It’s a spice you can get at almost any grocery store with a list of health benefits seem sort of endless. SF-based nutritionist Carla Hernandez of Wise Roots Nutrition tells us curcumin is the key medicinal and active component in turmeric. It’s been researched as a solution for various health concerns. She explained that turmeric has “anticancer benefits, reducing the size and in some studies the replication of cancer cells. It also has been said to have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, as well as increasing immunity, that may play a part in prevention and treatment in a variety of symptoms and illnesses from autoimmune conditions to cardiovascular disease.”

In regards to why you should enjoy the spice in your milk specifically, Hernandez explains, “Turmeric milk is a wonderful and nourishing way to get [turmeric] in the diet. Studies have shown that the fat in milk or milk substitute such as coconut milk can help with absorption, as well as a dash of black pepper.”

Popular among health bloggers and even some celebs (Kat Denning recently Instagrammed herself enjoying a cup), turmeric milk is typically made by combining ground turmeric, milk (dairy or non-dairy) and a sweetener (like honey or agave) in a saucepan and whisking until everything is combined and warm. Some recipes also call for a dash of cinnamon, butter or melted coconut oil to add a little extra flavor. Find a recipe here. It looks like our favorite nightcap just got a little less boozy.

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(Photo via @katdennings and Getty)