Dove has been a champion of women for the last few years, focusing their advertising on things like building young girls’ self esteem and letting moms know that they’re perfectly imperfect (and that’s okay!). But their recent campaign for “Real Beauty” has been a major flub. As part of the campaign, they released six limited edition “body type” bottles that were apparently designed to showcase different types of bodies, but the response they’ve received has been the opposite of what they expected.

While the brand clearly expected women to appreciate seeing their bodies represented in a body wash bottle, it turns out that most women don’t want to be limited to their body type. And they’re letting Dove know by trolling the brand for their misstep.

Many are pointing out that the bottles shapes look less like “regular women” and more like cartoon versions of people.

Some are pointing out that maybe their body doesn’t fit one of Dove’s six body types.

And others are realizing that Dove’s approach to feminism might be missing the mark.

While the company has yet to respond, what’s clear is that even if a brand’s message is usually on point, not every marketing tactic will stick. The body shape bottles are only available in the UK, but by the looks of the response Dove has received, it’s doubtful that they will come stateside any time soon, if ever.

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(h/t Refinery29; photo via Dove)