It’s hard out there for a girl. They have to filter through the BS of not being able to join science clubs and live in a society that tells them they’re bad at math. On top of that, they have to wade through the hairy weirdness that is puberty in a beauty-obsessed culture (and I hate to say, babies, the body shaming only intensifies as a woman). In murky times like these, it’s nice to have a video reminder that every girl is beautiful, even if she doesn’t always feel that way.

Dove, always the champions of the every-gal, launched a campaign aimed at empowering young girls. The Self Esteem Project is a multimedia effort to help girls navigate times of insecurity with articles and videos like this one.

The beautiful and heartbreaking thing about this video is that the trait that each girl dislikes about herself is a trait that another girl wishes she had. The message here is that we never truly realize our own beauty, and the CTA is to reconsider how we define “flaws.”

No movement is complete without a social component, and this one has its own Pinterest campaign featuring boards full of tips for inspiring young girls to feel beautiful in their skin. No matter what your age, you can probably benefit from reading through and passing on to the young ones in your life.

Still feeling like that awkward little girl? Psh — get out there and slay today, sweetheart, you’re beautiful!

What trait did you hate as a kid but love now? Tell us in the comments!

(Images via Dove)