How many times have you tuned in to some election news in the last several months and immediately pulled a horrified face, recoiling from what appeared to be a dark parody of American politics? Like, f’real, this election is never-ending! And the parties HAVEN’T EVEN PICKED THEIR NOMINEES!

*Deep breaths*

There’s still a full half-year left of this, and if the likely candidates move on to the general election, it’s going to be a very ugly several months indeed. After all, Donald Trump has already accused Hillary Clinton of using her “woman card” to gain support, and they’re technically not even running against each other yet.

After looking at where candidatesstand on issues millennials care about and the roles of women in politics now, it’s nice to know other people share our distress. And while social media may only be adding fuel to the the bizarre fire of this election (drama llama, yo), it’s also a place to commiserate. We can take comfort in knowing that we aren’t the only ones feeling confused and terrified. Here are a few choice responses to the campaign circus to get you through a few more weeks!

1. For real, right? Since the election is held on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, Nov. 8th is the last day it could be. It may just be a few days extra, but by then we’ll definitely be feeling every single one of those days.

2. When things get really bleak.

3. It’s a valid question!

4. But that would mean… because we’re stuck down here… oh, no.

5. At least the weirdness is kind of beautiful sometimes?

6. If it’s not your grandparents saying something you didn’t even realize people still thought, it’s logging on to Facebook and seeing the wall of memes. There’s no escape!

7. The possible future president of the United States, ladies and gentlemen.

8. Really sums it up best.

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