Are you a word nerd? A typeface fanatic? A graphic design diehard? Us too. (Duh.) If you’re like us, you’ll probably go nuts at Re:Make SF this year with all the letter-y greatness to take in at Saturday’s festival. Here are 12 typographic goodies that we’re especially stoked about!

1. Missing U Card ($5): So punny. So sweet. Make sure to have this card on hand to mail to your long-distance BFF just because.

2. Helvetica Acrylic Necklace ($22): Rare is the font that is so admired that it has an entire documentary dedicated to it — but you’re looking at it. Flaunt your appreciation for the most quintessential typeface with this gold bling.

3. BLT Sandwich Print ($20): Show some artistic TLC to your kitchen with this informative and appetizing print. Also, thanks to this watercolor masterpiece, bacon font now officially exists. Yesss.

4. Hello, Darling Card ($5): Don’t mind us, we’re just swooning over beautifully refined calligraphy over here. There’s something about simple lettering done right that is just so gratifying, don’t you think?

5. Yeaux Leaux Flask ($20): Why yes, that IS how you say YOLO en français! ;) For all of us extra-classy flask toters out there.

6. He Was Lame Anyway Card ($3.75): This Goodflower Designs card is so on point. We think condolence cards for break-ups should become mainstream, stat.

7. You Can and You Will Inspirational Mug ($24): Nothing gets us moving and making like a cup of caffeine and a motivational message. Cheers to 2-in-1!

8. The Sexy Kind of Like Card ($5): Just in case you’re not ready to tell that special someone in person ;)

9. Thanks Mom for Putting Up With Me Card ($5): Come on, you know your mom would LOVE to see this show up in her mailbox. Her real live physical mailbox. Because sometimes you just need to send (a) word to your mother.

10. Hellyeah Diecast Metal Necklace ($32): We love how this accessory is reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic necklace. Only it’s much more enthusiastic!

11. ‘YES’ Stamp Ring ($12): How rad is this Plastique* stamp ring?! Pair it with its obvious partner and stamp your way through the day. It even comes with a little ink pad!

12. I Left My Heart in SF ($5): This $5 (yeah, $5!) print is a playful rendition of a classic song. SF-locals-approved.

Which wordy wonders will you pick up at Re:Make SF? Share in the comments below!

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