It’s no secret that we’re a whole bunch of word nerds around here at Brit + Co. We’re always looking for new ways to incorporate typography into our everyday lives, and now we’ve got a whole new way. Hasbro has just released a second limited edition of Typography Scrabble, and we are totally swooning.

Designed by Andrew Capener, this set combines the beauty of typography with the original wordy game, Scrabble!

Everything about this set is deluxe. The set features 15 fonts that have never been used on any Scrabble set, and every tile is made out of solid maple. Add to that a walnut cover, a maple base with storage for all the game pieces, and a built-in lazy susan, and you’ve got the most tricked out Scrabble set we’ve ever seen.

Each set is $200 and there are only 850 remaining (as of October 21st). This would make an awesome holiday gift for designers and word nerds alike, especially if those designers or word nerds happen to be your roommate :)

What are your favorite board games? Would you spring for this luxurious Scrabble set? Talk to us in the comments below.