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You Can Totally DIY This Gold-Dipped Light Bulb Chandelier

Next up in the world of gold, we’ll show you how to turn old light bulbs into a chic vintage-inspired mobile.

Home DIY

Wrapper’s Delight: Cover Mini Chocolates with These ’90s Chart Toppers (Free Printable!)

We’re not against wrap. We’re not against wrappers, but we are against those thugs who kick it with everyday candy wrappers you’ve seen a million time, especially for a rad holiday like Valentine’s Day. We know you’re way more fly than that. At one time, these wrappers were definitely in the top ten, so allow us… ahem… to bump them again.

DIY Recipes

Your Love is a Work of Art — Free Printable (and Customizable) Card!

Love taking selfies with your boo? Or posing in every single photo booth you can find? Turn all those photos into this super cute gallery wall-inspired Valentine. After all, your love really is a work of art! Thanks to Anjelika for letting me borrow a few sweet snaps of her and her hubby David to bring this work of art to life. If you create your own version, be sure to share it with us via Facebook or Twitter Now, onto the tutorial!

Home DIY

The Cutest Little Love Story You Ever Did See (Free Printable!)

This Valentine’s Day, give the love of your life this sweet little story, easy to customize for the two of you. Fill in your names, where you met, and things you love about your S.O. We recommend pairing this with breakfast in bed for maximum awesome-wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner points!

Home DIY

You’ll Fall Head Over Heels for Our Conversation Heart Confetti (Free Printable!)

Here’s the deal: We LOVE the silly sayings on conversation hearts, but we’re not totally in love with the somewhat chalky candy they appear on. I mean, they’re a classic Valentine’s sweet but are in serious need of an upgrade. Instead of busting out our edible food markers and best hand-lettering skills, we decided to make our own conversation hearts… in confetti form!

Home DIY

Nailed It! How to Make a Neon Typographic Sign

Perhaps you read this title and thought to yourself, what on earth do nails have to do with a neon sign? Well, get ready for your mind to explode. What happens when nail string art meets electric wire? NEON TYPOGRAPHY, that’s what!


Color Block Your Wall Art by “Dipping” Your Photos

It’s no secret that we love to dip, so when we were trying to find an interesting way to display our favorite pics, dipping them seemed like the perfect little project. It makes printed photos looks like expensive pieces of art and you don’t need the hand of Rembrandt to make them.

Home DIY

Totally Wigging Out! How to Turn a Feather Boa into a Wig

If Tina Turner and Big Bird had a baby, if would be born in this wig we made out of a feather boa. Anyone who wears it is sure to turn heads and feel like a true diva. If you are looking for a hairpiece this halloween that says, “Fraggles just invaded Studio 54!” you need to make this wig. Best of all, it can make an appropriate return this New Year’s Eve as a warm hat and bold fashion statement—no one at the club will have the same hair as you.

Halloween Costumes

No-Carve Sugar Skull Pumpkins

When you consider our obsession with Halloween and our addiction to color, going all out for a Dia de los Muertos celebration seems like a no brainer. We kicked things off this week with an edible sugar skull round up and moved on to decor. These no-carve sugar skull pumpkins are the perfect decoration for a colorful halloween party and they are super fun to make.

Home DIY

Go for the Glow: No-Carve Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkins

We already showed you how to make vases, candles, and napkins, and if you are planning on having a bass-thumping halloween, these no-carve pumpkins are also a must.

Home DIY

Creep to This: Anatomy Pumpkins

We’ve been waiting for this moment for a while here at Brit + Co. We all love to get creepier than a Steve Buscemi character in an Adam Sandler movie and finally the holiday that makes it acceptable is so very near. And what could be creepier than human bones and major organs!?

Home DIY

Halloween Basics: 4 Ways to Carve a Pumpkin (Free Printables Included!)

We dug right into the Halloween spirit last week with some no-carve pumpkins, high-tech pumpkins, pumpkin seed recipes, and more. Now we’re ready to get our hands slimy with an art that dates back to 17th century Ireland and Scotland, where carved vegetables were used to light the way in the dark and were said to represent spirits and protect one’s home from evil. Though, they were at a colossal disadvantage without our awesome templates. Good news for you, today they can be downloaded right here!

Home DIY