If Tina Turner and Big Bird had a baby, it would be born in this wig we made out of a feather boa. Anyone who wears it is sure to turn heads and feel like a true diva. If you are looking for a hairpiece this halloween that says, “Fraggles just invaded Studio 54!” you need to make this wig. Best of all, it can make an appropriate return this New Year’s Eve as a warm hat and bold fashion statement—no one at the club will have the same hair as you.

Ok, let’s roll.

 feather boa
wig cap
stretch magic


– pumpkin or wig form

– needle with large eye

– stick pins

– scissors


1. If your wig cap has a hole in the top, take the end and tie it in a knot, then turn it inside out so the knot is on the inside of the wig.

2. Stretch the wig cap over a pumpkin or if you have a wig form, use that.

3. Take some stick pins and use them to hold the bottom of the wig cap in place on the pumpkin or wig form.

4. Cut a long piece of stretch magic and tie it securely to your starting point at the bottom of the wig cap.

5. Thread the needle with the knotted stretch magic and sew the stringy part at the end of the boa to the wig hat. Sew a knot to keep it secure.

6. Now you are basically going to coil the boa around the wig cap, and secure it to the wig cap with the stretch magic every couple of inches. If you start to run out of the threaded stretch magic, tie it off and start with a new piece at the point where you left off.

7. Once you get to the top of cap and the end of the boa, take the string end of the boa and secure it with a knot to the crown of the cap with a couple of knots.

First grab your wig cap and knot the top—you don’t want it sliding down your noggin, do you? Once it’s tied, stretch it over a pumpkin or wig form if you have one.

Secure the stretched-out wig cap to your pumpkin or wig form. A handful of stick pins will do! Just stick ’em all around the bottom trim of your wig. Then, cut a long piece of stretch magic and knot it to your starting point, which can be anywhere along that bottom trim. Now place a needle on that sucker and sew your boa onto the cap through the stringy part at the end of the boa.

Once you’ve sewed on the stringy part and secured it with a knot, simply start wrapping the boa around and up the pumpkin, sewing it to the wig cap every couple of inches. Once you start to see the wig take shape, you’ll be really glad you and your bestie decided to dress up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Halloween! :)

Started from the bottom now were here! At the top of the wig, that is. So find the other stringy part at the end of the boa and tie it to the wig cap with a couple of knots.

The two-toned boa definitely amps up this feather wig, as if it needed to be amped up any more.

How fun is this fluff ball? Priceless!

Have you done any wig DIYs? What unconventional materials have you used to create them? Talk to us in the comments below!