It’s no secret that we love to dip, so when we were trying to find an interesting way to display our favorite pics, dipping them seemed like the perfect little project. It makes printed photos looks like expensive pieces of art and you don’t need the hand of Rembrandt to make them.

This is a great way to spice up some existing framed artwork or photos you may have, give antique portraits a modern twist or, display your favorite photos from the internet.

 – frames

– photos or art

 – paint

– brushes

– painter’s tape

We decided to make two black frames dipped in white, and three white frames dipped in a range of colors.

First, take the glass out of your frame if there is any and put the photo back in the frame. You can put the glass back in behind the frame so the picture stays snugly inside the frame.

Take a piece of painter’s tape long enough to go across the photo, top and sides of the frame. Press the tape to some fabric like your jeans so that it is not super sticky. Otherwise you may have trouble getting it off the photo without damaging it. Place the tape across the photo and frame and press down lightly.

Paint the frame and the photo with your choice of paint color. I tried to match one of the colors in my photos. If it is streaky, you may need a couple of coats—we did 3 coats of the white paint.

Let everything dry for about 3 minutes and then remove the tape.

Do the same thing with your white frames and colorful paint. We picked colors that complemented each image framed.

Take the image out of the frame carefully as it may be stuck to the inside with some of the paint. Make sure all of the paint is dry and replace the glass on top of the photo. That’s all there is to it!

Now hang those dipped photos up! We created a salon style wall above a dresser you might have in your entryway.

What do your walls look like? We’d love to see photos – share them with us via Facebook or Twitter.