Love taking selfies with your boo? Or posing in every single photo booth you can find? Turn all those photos into this super cute gallery wall-inspired Valentine. After all, your love really is a work of art! Thanks to Anjelika for letting me borrow a few sweet snaps of her and her hubby David to bring this work of art to life. If you create your own version, be sure to share it with us via Facebook or Twitter Now, onto the tutorial!

 – printable “work of art” template (download here)

– white copy paper

– photos

 – color printer

– X-acto knife

– glue stick

– tape


1. Print the template and cut out the frames.

2. Print photos and cut to fit in the frames.

3. Fold the card and layer in another piece of blank paper.

4. Glue photos to blank paper so that they fit right in the frames.

5. Glue top frame layer to the second layer of the card.

6. Write in it and give to your love!

We created this whimsical printable as part of our Valentine’s Day printables series.

Once you’ve printed your card, it’s time to cut out the centers of each frame.

How cool is that? Who even needs the photos? ;)

But, we’ll throw them in anyway. And don’t worry, you don’t need Photoshop to make your photos the right sizes. You can also use Word, Google Docs, iPhoto, Power Point, or Keynote to scale photos up and down in size. Remember, you can always trim down the photos so err on the side of making them just a little too big.

Your newly cut materials should look something like this.

Fold the “work of art” card in half. Then fold another piece of paper in half that you’ll slide in. Glue the bottom half of the inside card to the outside card, as you see in the photo.

Now, time to frame everything up. Slide photos in and make marks where you need to cut them down.

Use a ruler and X-acto knife to get nice clean cuts. Then glue into the card! Now you see why that inside layer is crucial :)

Continue placing and gluing until all of the frames are filled.

Glue the top layer (with cutout frames) onto the second layer (with the photos).

Press firmly to avoid air bubbles. And… you’re done!

Ooh la la!

What handmade Valentines have you bookmarked this year? Share them with us in the comments below.