We love giving new life to old things here at Brit HQ, and this project saves two different garments from the trash bin, with star-studded results. We started with a well-loved leather jacket that had been sadly turned into a chew toy by an over-eager pooch, and added in a well-worn black tee that needed a makeover to bring it back to the front of the closet. Are you ready to rock? We are!


– leather

– old T-shirt (Choose an old one so you don’t have to worry about shrinking.)

– sewing machine

– thread

– ruler

– utility knife

– cutting Mat

star template

– painter’s tape


1. Place the template over the leather with the cutting mat underneath and use the ruler and utility knife to cut out your leather stars.

2. Position your stars on your T-shirt. We chose to put the small one on the shoulder and the larger one toward the hip.

3. Place a piece of tape on each edge of the star. The tape should cover 1/16-inch of the leather on each side. This will serve as your guide while sewing.

4. Sew a basic straight stitch around the edges of each star.

5. Remove the tape, and you’re done!

Because the leather from this jacket was fairly thin, we were able to cut through the paper and the leather at the same time. If you can’t do that, cut out the template and trace the stars.

Play around with the position of each star until you find a look you like.

Try to keep the tape a consistent distance from the edge. This will make it easier when you start sewing.

Line up the needle with the edge of the tape and use it as your guide as you sew. When it’s time to turn the corner on the star, stop with your needle still in the fabric, lift the presser foot, and turn your garment. This will keep your place and avoid any loose stitches.

Remove the tape to reveal your design!

It might only have two stars on it, but we think it’s a five-star project!

It’s the perfect way to wear a black top on black jeans like a rock…star.

Have you ever sewn leather appliques? Or do you have another way to repurpose a damaged leather jacket? Tell us in the comments!