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Holiday Hack: Make This Bourbon Fruitcake Ice Cream Pops Recipe

We all know fruitcake is kind of a universal holiday joke. In fact, every year, on the first Saturday of January, the folks in Manitou Spring, Colorado hold The Great Fruitcake Toss just to get rid of all their fruitcake. Well, this year, we’re making fruitcake you won’t want to toss. Bourbon Fruitcake Ice Cream Pops! They’re spiked, of course, and covered in your favorite festive fruit and nut mix.

DIY Recipes

Spike Your Sweets: Beer Ice Cream Floats

Don’t be fooled by the passing of Labor Day. Or the weather of late (it’s rainy out here in the East!). Summer is not yet over! Here at Brit + Co. we are still soaking up every last drop of beach weekends, sunset walks, and, of course, frothy summertime beverages. This week we’re taking that […]

DIY Recipes

Light Up Your Weekend with Firework Ice Cream Cupcakes

Happy 236th Birthday, America! We’re, of course, celebrating with some ice cream this weekend… in the form of cupcakes. Firework cupcakes.

DIY Recipes

A Delicious New Twist on Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Everyone loves a good batch of cookie dough ice cream. Our only complaint, however, is the lackluster cookie dough to ice cream ratio, right? If you’re like most people we know, you’ve been known to pick through a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough to extract out all of the dough, leaving just the ice cream for your roommate, significant other, or little sibling. But with these easy to make Cookie Dough Ice Cream Balls, you can get the perfect ratio of dough and ice cream in every bite.

DIY Recipes

What’s the Best Way to Drink Wine in the Summer? Tipsy Wine Slushies!

Just because we’re all grown up here doesn’t mean we shouldn’t dive head first into a slushie this summer. In fact, because we’re all grown up, we should dive into a cool batch of Tipsy Wine Slushies – made with your favorite fruit and sweet summer wine.

DIY Recipes

These Tropical Sorbet Bites Are Totally Tantalizing

It’s about to get hot in here (cue Nelly). But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With these mini tropical sorbet bites, you’ll be prepared to cool down at any minute. Just pop one in your mouth, sit back, and chill out.

DIY Recipes

May Flowers Bring… Refreshing Flower Popsicles!

It's almost summertime. Flowers are abloom and summer treats are abound. So naturally, we've decided to combine the two to create beautiful and refreshing flower popsicles! Ingredients (makes 8 pops) – 1 cup sugar – 1 cups water – 2 tbsp to 1/2 cup dried flowers  – fresh edible flowers, rinsed and remove petals Gather […]

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