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12 Perfect Gifts for the Creative Dudes in Your Life

Do you know a creative dude that’s always surprising you and making you smile? Whether that’s your brother, significant other, or pal this guide is all about impressing him with with your gift-giving skills. Here are 12 presents to consider for the imaginative fellas in your life.


Our 15 Favorite Digital and Analog Games to Beat Holiday Boredom 

When I think of holiday gatherings, board and group games still come to mind as a way to break the awkward silence when you’re finished with small talk about work, school or the weather, and need something to do. Here are 15 digital and analog games to try over the holidays. Lucky for us, many of these don’t even require carrying around a box to play anymore — some are available as apps for our tablets or phones.


20 Great Gifts for Photographers, All Under $50

We all have a shutterbug friend or family member. You know, the borderline OCD picture-taker that just can’t put down the camera, but we’re eternally grateful for because they’re preserving our memories. This gift guide is all about saying thanks to the photographers in your life, which could nowadays be just about anyone. Here are 20 gifts for photographers (all under $50) that will make you feel like the expert present picker you really are.


6 Benefits of Meditation (+ 3 Ways to Do It)

I think we all know relaxation is good for us. Exactly how much is debatable though and many of us can’t imagine taking on a ritual of meditation. It’s been used for thousands of years in Asia to heal, but there’d have to be serious science to convince us of anything that’s new age.


7 More Reasons to Exercise (+ 7 Ways to Make it Happen)

Everyone knows we can exercise to look better, whether the goal is to slim down, build muscle or brag about finishing a marathon, but that’s really just the start of how exercise can improve our quality of life. Here are seven other reasons to motivate you to get moving (even when life’s busy) and some suggestions of activities to try.


11 Super Herbs and Spices for Your Health

There’s a reason explorers traveled thousands of miles and crossed oceans for herbs and spices. Besides making cuisine more delectable, they’ve been long used to promote health and cure disease. We’ve already covered the super foods you should consider, so this time we’ll take a look at the herbs and spices you might think about stocking up on for this autumn and winter. We’ll take a look at how they help us and include a recipe that uses each. Lucky for us, they’re all a quick trip to the supermarket away.


11 Super Foods for Your Skin and Brain

Beauty versus brains. We can forever debate which is more important, but when it comes to our diet, many of the same foods support both our skin AND intellect. Besides, who decided we can’t have it all? If you’ve been looking for a shortlist that will keep you healthy and primed to make your best ideas happen, here are 11 foods you might consider eating more of, why they’re good for us and a recipe for each that delivers some serious yum factor.


20 Beautiful Organizational Tools

Growing up, I geeked out over back to school shopping. New binders, notebooks and stationery were an opportunity to get organized and express my personality. But we weren’t quite living in a digital world and I don’t remember there being as many options as today. This time of year is perfect for taking a step back and getting prepped for the rest of the year. So here are 20 beautiful organizational tools, whether digital or analog is your jam.

Organization and Cleaning

11 Ways to Find Better Focus

You have good ideas, maybe even some brilliant ones. But with more distractions than ever before, it’s a wonder we get anything done at all. I’m becoming convinced that the real genius is no longer just ideas, but the ability to focus and execute on the projects that are important to you. If you’ve been feeling distracted or your habits need a tune-up, here are ten things you can try to find better focus.


20 Stellar Street Art Installations

Clever street art always make me smile. Whether it beautifies the existing urban landscape, encourages participation from passersby or is making a political statement, it’s sure as heck an improvement over graffiti tagging. Here are 20 of my favorites from around the world, some of which I’ve been lucky enough to experience in real life.


10 Books to Boost Your Creativity and Productivity

When’s the last time you read a book that changed everything? I mean, a book that completely captivated you and gave you renewed excitement about living in a new era after what you had learned? I’m constantly looking to feed my brain with inspiration so I wanted to share 10 reads I found to be totally worth the investment in me. I’m hoping some of these will help you out too.


10 Photo Gadgets for Endless Summer Fun

Where will your adventures take you this summer? Whether it’s an exotic destination or a camping trip, we’re pretty sure you’ll be taking photos and documenting the action to preserve and share the good times. We asked our pals over at Photojojo to give us a rundown of their must-haves for vacation, traveling and longer days outside. As a kicker, we’ve also snagged an exclusive discount code for $5 off any purchase in the Photojojo store! More on that in a minute.