We all have a shutterbug friend or family member. You know, the borderline OCD picture-taker that just can’t put down the camera, but we’re eternally grateful for because they’re preserving our memories.

This gift guide is all about saying thanks to the photographers in your life, which could nowadays be just about anyone. Here are 20 gifts for photographers (all under $50) that will make you feel like the expert present picker you really are.

1. Smartphone Spy Lens ($20): Ever wanted to snap a photo of an interesting stranger with a ridiculously awesome outfit, but didn’t want them to see? This doodad attaches to any phone with a magnetic ring to let you shoot on the sly from any angle.

2. The Handleband Bike Mount ($20): Originally a Kickstarter project by an engineering student at Stanford (those smarties!), this secure band is probably the best minimalistic way to shoot photos or videos on a bike. It even doubles as a bottle opener.

3. Gizmon Case and Strap ($35): Make a phone look like a film camera while protecting it and keeping all its functionality. Comes with a fashionable matching strap too.

4. Cat Camera Strap ($34): Couch makes some unique camera straps like this one. The Internet would suggest that more than a few photographers are also cat people.

5. Quiet Life T-Shirts ($25 – $30): L.A. based lifestyle brand The Quiet Life has a number of camera and photography related tees in their shop. There’s everything from aperture geekery to more edgy material.

6. The Lens Bracelet ($15): The perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who shoots with a real deal DSLR. It’s available in both Canon or Nikon versions, so just make sure you find out what they shoot with and you’ll look like you did your homework.

7. The f/60 Lens Kitchen Timer ($14): A kitchen timer that masquerades as a zoom lens. For the food porn aficionado or the person whose chocolate chip cookies you’re drooling over.

8. Printstagram Poster ($25-$35): A high quality photo print available in both landscape and portrait options. Select between 50 and 200 Instagram images and surprise a pal with all the memories of your friendship.

9. Printstagram Squares ($12): Instagram prints on quality archival paper with a dreamy matte finish. Make these prints by linking up your Instagram account or downloading a pal’s, re-uploading to a hidden account and linking that. Whether you want friendship or karma points, you’ll have done a good deed.

10. Artifact Uprising Softcover Photo Book ($17-$37): Stunning photo books printed on quality Mohawk paper from a brother and sister team out of Colorado. This is the only time your photographer friend won’t be angry at you for stealing all their photos.

11. Stickygram Instagram Magnets ($15): A personalized gift that will remind the recipient of you every time they sneak to the kitchen for a midnight snack. Turn Instagram photos from a friend into square magnets.

12. Instapparel T-Shirts ($24): Use Instagram photos to create custom tank tops and tees. Choose from 1-16 photos and adjust the opacity of the images to create a more worn look.

13. Plywerk Wood Panels ($23): Get photos mounted on gorgeous bamboo and maple wooden panels. These are handmade in Portland, Oregon.

14. Instant Photo Pendant Necklace ($9): Designed to look like a tiny Polaroid picture, this necklace is the perfect opportunity to insert your own photo and do the friendship bracelet thing.

15. Compendium of Cameras Poster ($28): Pop Chart Lab created a poster paying homage to 100 landmark cameras. Perfect for the photography history buff or anyone who still enjoys shooting film.

16. Impossible Project Film ($24): Know someone that’s Polaroid Camera obsessed? You can support their retro habit with new film that works in their camera. It’s available in the classic look or colorful frames.

17. GorillaTorch ($30): A big part of photography is understanding lighting and there are times where you need just a shade more. The GorillaTorch can do that, plus it’s pretty cool how you can have it perched on a tree branch or balcony.

18. Dot Grid Journal ($17.50): Take note! Photographers do when jotting down ideas, shot lists or making a list of equipment they need for a gig. The Dot Grid Journal from Creative’s Outfitter is durable and looks swell. You can even stuff a secret present for later in its built-in folder.

19. Urbanears Headphones ($49): It’s probably not the first thing you think of, but photographers spend crazy amounts of time editing and sorting through their treasure troves. I like Urbanears because they’re available in all sorts of colors and easy on the eyes.

20. Litely ($52): So this one’s a tad over $50, but it was too beautiful to not include. Amazing landscape photographer Cole Rise has a package of presets (just like filters) inspired by the subtle tones of film. It’s perfect for the photographer that spends many of their waking hours editing.

What do you think? Did I miss something that’s definitely on your list? Let’s hear it in the comments below.