Last year, we were all introduced to the genius that is The Undress 鈥 a dress that acts like a portable changing room, allowing you to change outfits in public. Need to ditch the sports bra and leggings before your lunch date? Slip into the The Undress and out of the gear. Tired of pulling off your damp swimsuit under a towel in the car seat? The Undress literally has you covered. It obviously struck a chord with active ladies on the go, because it became Kickstarter鈥檚 top women鈥檚 fashion project of all time. Now it鈥檚 back, and better than ever.

The Undress Sport 1

The first thing you鈥檒l notice about The Undress Version 2 Sport is that it鈥檚 no longer just a halter dress for changing. It can also convert into a strapless dress and a skirt, making it functional and wearable on its own. The second is that it鈥檚 been given a whopping 15 upgrades, all based on user feedback. Some of the most exciting highlights include the three new tech fabrics you鈥檒l be able to choose from: One that鈥檚 moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, one that resembles swimwear and a third featuring a towel-like terrycloth on the inside. It鈥檚 also gone from being a maxi to a midi, making it much more wearable for women of all heights.

The Undress Sport 2

Most importantly, the construction of everything that assists your wardrobe change (such as the cord-locking strap, zippered side access openings and chest area concealment) has been improved, so you can strip down in public without fear of flashing passersby. Check out the demo below to see how the great escape works.

To get your hands on The Undress Sport, you鈥檒l need to pledge at least $69 to their Kickstarter, with an estimated ship date of May 2016. Higher tier pledges include promo goodies like drawstring bags and sunglasses. This is a popular one, ladies, so get on it before these early bird offers run out!

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