What we wear when we exercise can sometimes make or break a workout. After all, a cute pair of Lululemon or Athleta leggings definitely makes us a bit more excited about going to the gym. But what if your athletic apparel actually provided a tougher workout for you? This new pair of leggings from Physiclo does just that.


The custom power mesh panels on Physiclo’s resistance leggings ($125) counteract your every motion, so even a simple walk becomes a tough workout. Co-founders Keeth Smart and Frank Yao got the idea for the pants back when they were medical students at NYU. “In the clinic, we saw a lot of patients suffering from chronic health problems stemming from lack of exercise and physical inactivity. In healthcare, it can be difficult to change habits, so we wanted to come up with a convenient and (relatively) painless way to help rehabilitate these people and get them to at least a minimum baseline of physical activity. That’s when we came up with the idea of building resistance into clothing to get your heart pumping and your muscles working harder,” they told us.

They’re also hard at work producing longer leggings that extend the resistance to the lower leg muscles, as well as upper body resistance shirts, which they plan to launch in the spring/summer of 2016. Next will come sleeves, socks and outerwear. “For Physiclo, it’s about creating clothing with resistance to make our workouts more productive,” they said.


As for the future of tech and fashion, Smart and Yao definitely see it going in a very functional direction. “Right now tracking and collecting data on things like number of steps, heart rate, etc., is very big, but what I’m talking about is clothing with an actual physical function and purpose, beyond just being comfortable and looking good.” We totally agree — looking good is great and all, but getting a fantastic workout and staying healthy is priceless.

Would you try working out in these leggings?

(Photos via Physiclo)