Just like fashion trends and crazy hairstyles, baby names are subject to the ebb and flow. There’s a reason why those grandma names sound so well, grandma-like. While Charlotte, Sophia and Liam are just a few of the most popular baby names being picked by new parents today, there are a few that have seen better days. UK-based website BabyCentre has recently released a list of the least popular baby names so far this year.

unpopular baby names 2016

They’ve collected their data by taking a look at all the once-popular names shared by their members that have had no registrations so far this year. Has yours seen better days? Scroll on down to see if you and any member of the younger generation will share the same name.


1. Angela

2. Beverley

3. Carol

4. Debra

5. Diane

6. Donna

7. Doris

8. Elaine

9. Joanne

10. Maureen


1. Bertram

2. Cecil

3. Clarence

4. Clive

5. Cyril

6. Dean

7. Dennis

8. Derek

9. Duncan

10. Ernest

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