Anyone who has ever frantically searched around for a matching sock in the early morning knows that getting dressed come fall time requires a bit more effort. Thankfully, a Switzerland-based company has created a solution to help you skip the sock scramble (and keep your feet smelling fresh) for good. BAABUK’s new collection of woolen footwear automatically regulates temperature and absorbs humidity no matter what the weather conditions. Think of them as a cool Euro upgrade to your old UGGs. The 100% wool footwear is inspired by traditional Russian Valenki boots that are so durable that they could survive the Siberian winter.


The company’s new line of Urban Woolers, a line of breathable sneakers, is made of natural wool in the Portuguese village of Manteigas. A cozier alternative to Converse, the unique antibacterial property in these snazzy sneakers banishes odor year-round.


Similar to the permeable material Gore-Tex, the flexible fabric in Urban Woolers adapts to your feet and keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter without wearing socks! And just like other clothes that can be washed, you can drop Urban Woolers into your washing machine without any risk.


Additional options are available for embroidered and metallic laces and eyelets. Check out BAABUK’s Kickstarter campaign to spread the shoe love or pledge $82 to receive your own pair of Urban Woolers.

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(Images via BAABUK and BAABUK/Facebook)