A new pair of shoes can give us all the feels, from giddiness to confidence to the pain of breaking them in. But you don’t have to torture your tootsies to be trendy anymore. Foot Flops wants you to go footloose and fancy-free with heat-molded flip flops that form to your feet.


The Wyoming-based team behind Foot Flops developed their footwear line after experiencing the comfort and health advantages of heat insoles used for skiing and snowboarding. When they realized that happy and healthy feet shouldn’t be reserved for outdoor enthusiasts alone, they decided to create Foot Flops for use both on and off the slopes.


Foot Flops are orthotic and arch-supporting flip flops that harness patent-pending heat technology to mold to the unique shape of your feet. To activate the technology, stick them in your oven for five to seven minutes. Once warmed up, rock your feet in the center of the flip flop to create an optimal mold. In about fifteen minutes, you’ll have a perfectly molded-to-you pair of flip flops.


Unlike traditional flip flops, Foot Flops can help decrease back pain and foot lengthening over time. And compared with many orthotic insoles, Foot Flops offer equivalent health benefits at a fraction of the cost. Foot Flops have even received a stamp of approval from renowned podiatrists, physical therapists and athletes.

Foot Flops are available in a variety of sizes and colors, from eye-popping pinstripes to sleek solids. Check out their Kickstarter campaign and pledge $30 or more to nab a pair of your very own.

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(Images via Foot Flops)