We all know well that the Olympics are about athletic excellence, national pride and, of course, serious world-stage-level style. With the next games rolling around in Rio this summer, the US has introduced our look this year, and it’s all about prep.

Coming to us straight from the prep-master himself, Ralph Lauren, the unveiling was made on the Today Show then quickly posted to the Ralph Lauren Instagram account, and we’re giddy with sporty-loving enthusiasm. With swimmer Ryan Lochte, marathon swimmer Haley Anderson and wrestler Jordan Burroughs posing in striped tees (remind anyone of the flag?) with casual button-up shirts (unbuttoned, natch), sleek white shorts and a bold belt, it’s a look we can definitely see dominating summer.

When it comes to other competing countries, Canada’s opted for a DSquared designed blazer for its athletes that’s complete with a massive white maple leaf emblazoned on the back.

Stella McCartney went super detailed with her image-laden styles for Great Britain.

Lacoste took the task for France’s designs and have a dance-y little vid to show off their style, and it features plenty of their signature polos in the collection. The games haven’t even begun, and it looks like there are already some winners and, well, other winners.

For everyone who really loves the Team USA uniforms, the looks will be available online at the TeamUSA shop or Ralph Lauren at the beginning of May. #GoTeam!

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(Photos via @ralphlauren + @dsquared2 + @stellamccartney + @lacoste)