When we came across these clever touch lamps powered by USB, we had to throw on our DIY hats. The shades sit snugly in any standard bottle, but how could we just use typical bottles? Here are 3 super simple hacks on tricking out your very own USB-powered bottle lamp.

The star here is definitely the USB lamp shade. But we couldn’t resist tricking out (and 3D printing out) a few basic bottles. Read on to see what we did!

 – turquoise 3D printing cartridge

– washi tape

– acrylic paint, turquoise

– glass bottle

– metal water bottle

– 3 USB LED Touch Lamps

 – paint brush

– computer or USB port (to power your lamp!)

– 3D printer

– painter’s tape

As you can see, everything but the 3D printer is pretty run of the mill in terms of the supplies department.

First up, one of our favorite tricks. Use painter’s tape to create an angular “dipped” design to jazz up a basic glass bottle. Paint a layer or two of acrylic paint or spray paint and let dry.

Next, we sauntered over to our MakerBot and decided to PRINT a bottle. Seriously. I still can’t get over the whole “hey can someone print me a bottle?” thing. We used this textured bottle template by Krear3D on Thingiverse.

Lastly, a regular old basic here at Brit HQ. We took an old beat up water bottle and covered it in turquoise duct tape. Boom! Color-blocked!

Now, it’s time to put those shades on. Pretty straightforward for the glass bottle and water bottle… but our 3D printed bottle was a little on the short side.

To make up for height, we filled the bottle with rice! This also added a nice weight to the bottle, making the shade balance much more solidly.

And there they all are!

Simply tap on the light and your desk’ll be illuminated in a jiffy.

What do you use as a desk lamp? What bottles would you turn into lamps with this handy shade? Talk to us in the comments below.