When it comes to curls, we want it all: beachy, bouncy, run-your-fingers-through-’em hair that will last through numerous head flips. If you’re one of those dreamers, we’ve got good news: these touchable curls are totally attainable with the right products and hair know-how, which (natch) we’re about to dish out below. Even if you’re one of those gals whose tresses have trouble holding shape, this technique will get you there in just 15 minutes, minus any scary hairspray-induced crunch. Plug in your flat iron and curling wand — it’s time to get the ultimate Valentine’s Day down do.

Step 1: Apply a Heat Protector


Pick up the first piece of hair you wish to curl — ideally this will be a 1 to 2-in section. Lightly mist the top and bottom sides of your hair with a heat protecting spray like Kenra Professional Platinum Hot Spray 20 ($20). This particular product protects your hair from heat and leaves your hair shiny, smooth and best yet: it will keeps your curls intact for hours. Game. Changer.

Step 2: Hack Your Beach Curls


The trick to achieving those covetable natural-looking curls is to use two different types of curling devices. If you have two different kinds of curling iron wands, use those. Or, grab your curling wand and flat iron to give your curls slightly different texture that will ultimately translate into a super playful look.


Alternate tools after each section of hair you curl, always making sure to curl your hair away from your face. That means you will switch your wave pattern for each side of your head in order to make the curls facing each other when they meet at the back of your head. This boosts the natural movement of the curls, as well as keeping your hair out of your face.

Step 3: Apply a Volume Spray


Pro tip: invest in one of the best styling products I personally have ever used: Kenra Volume Spray ($25). Notice it is a volume spray, not a hairspray. Don’t let its name fool you though: This lightweight, sweet-scented aerosol will hold your hair in place without that crunchy, sticky hair sprayed-feel. After you apply, you or your special someone will be able to run their fingers right through your hair without any fuss… and most importantly without compromising your curls.

Step 4: Tousle Your Curls


Give it a go yourself and put this product to the test! Gently break your curls apart by shaking your hands back and forth with your fingers at the root of your hair. Then comb through your curls using your fingers as well. This method will help your curls relax without overworking them.

Step 5: Mend Your Ends


One of the most problematic areas of styling hair is dealing with the ends: they’re either dry and in need of a trim or they tend to fray out because they’re too soft. So to tame those pesky ends, use an oil-based styling cream like Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine ($24) to mend your ends. Unlike a wax that can be too sticky or a serum that can be too oily, this product will deliver the hold and texture you get from a wax while leaving your ends with the touchable sheen of a serum. For best use, apply a pea-sized amount on your fingers, rub them together and piece out the ends of your hair while keeping your curls in place.


Now this is one head-turning down ‘do: perfectly messy, baby soft curls. Zero crunch included.


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