Valentine鈥檚 Day is a crowd fave for little ones. With the giving and receiving kids鈥 valentines plus *all* those heart-shaped treats, it鈥檚 no wonder they love it so much. If your little one is throwing a V-Day party, or you鈥檙e just trying to keep them busy while you enjoy the holiday, DIY a few games for them to play. They鈥檒l be tic-tac-toe-ing and bingo-ing their little hearts out in no time. Major bonus: Most of these involve candy, which can be gobbled up after. Check out our faves below.


1. Valentine鈥檚 Tic-Tac-Toe Card: Kick your traditional tic-tac-toe game up a notch with this Valentine鈥檚 printable and use M&Ms as the Xs and Os. The best part? You can eat the pieces after you play. Score! (via Seven Thirty Three)


2. Valentine Hearts Spelling Game: If your little one is learning how to spell, teach them with this fun game that uses DIY conversation hearts and Scrabble or Bananagram pieces. They鈥檒l be spelling 鈥淚 love you鈥 before you know it. (via Coffee Cups and Crayons)


3. Valentine Scavenger Hunt: Put together a scavenger hunt that your kiddo can play on February 14. Pro tip: The prize at the end of the hunt can be a collection of delish candy, because that鈥檚 obviously their favorite part of V-Day. (via Project Nursery)


4. Valentine Memory Game: TBH, us adults love memory games just as much as the kids do. DIY colorful hearts and play this with your mini me on Valentine鈥檚 Day. You could also use the leftover hearts for a fun, heart-filled art project. (via Dandee Designs)


5. Valentine Tumble Game: Bored of your classic Jenga game? Upgrade it with this DIY by adding things like 鈥渢ell me a joke鈥 and 鈥渟ing me a song鈥 to make the activity that much more fun. (via Tried + True)


6. Valentine Cootie Catchers Game: Free printables FTW. DL the file and fold your way to these adorable cootie catchers. You can even DIY them with your kiddo for a project. (via Crafting Chicks)


7. Valentine鈥檚 Bingo: You can never go wrong with a game of bingo. Print off these cards for your kid鈥檚 V-Day party and get ready for hours of fun. (via Makoodle)


8. Bursting Hearts Game: Keep 鈥檈m busy with this bursting hearts idea. Simply fill cups with candy and prizes, then cover with tissue paper and secure with a rubber band. Your kid and their friends will love getting little surprises from each cup. (via Balancing Home)


9. Conversation Hearts Stacking Game: We鈥檙e sure you have a few extra boxes of conversation hearts laying around. Put them to good use and have a competition with your little ones to see who can stack the most in one minute. (via Makoodle)


10. Valentine鈥檚 Candy Pick Up: For this game, throw candy on a plate and grab a pair of chopsticks. See how many pieces of candy your child can pick up in one minute, and whoever moves the most wins. Winner gets all the candy. (via Makoodle)


11. Valentine鈥檚 Mad Lib: You know we can鈥檛 say no to a free printable. Opt for this version of Mad Libs on Valentine鈥檚 Day and see how creative you and your little one can get. (via Made Vibrant)

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