Roses are red and violets are blue, but all flowers are too beautiful to just stay in a vase until they wilt away. If you got lucky in the gifts department this Valentine鈥檚 Day, then you might have a bouquet or two of gorgeous blooms to work with. Even if you don鈥檛, you鈥檒l want to pick some up to make these gorgeous projects. We鈥檙e sharing 13 pretty floral DIYs to get you in the mood for spring.

floral garland

1. Chair Garland: If you鈥檙e planning a belated Valentine鈥檚 Day party, this is the perfect way to dress up your place settings. Make each of your guests feel like royalty by greeting them with their own garland. (via Proper)

floral letters

2. Floral Letters: Get ready to snip, tuck and repeat. Your scissors are going to get a workout with this DIY. (via Swell Maybe)

diy flower phone case

3. Flower Phone Case: Whenever we see an Anthropologie copycat DIY, we just have to. Every. Single. Time. (via Capture by Lucy)

floral ice cubes

4. Floral Ice Cubes: You鈥檝e just gotta do this for your next girls鈥 night. If anything could make champagne more 鈥榞ram worthy, it鈥檚 this. (via Cipzine)

floral soap

5. Flower Soaps: Since dried blooms will keep, you might want to save this project for a few DIY birthday presents. (via Free People)

washi tape display

6. Flower Display: If you really just can鈥檛 dry those blooms, tape them up above your desk with some colorful washi tape to create a display to love for days. (via Rabbit and the Duck)

floral hair bow

7. Fresh Flower Hair Bow: Add a bit of Valentine love to your hair with a single flower from your bouquet. Depending on the size of your arrangement, you could do this for weeks. (via Studio DIY)

fresh flower wall

8. Fresh Flower Wall: Got a February soiree coming up? Simply tape your flowers on the wall to create the perfect photo booth backdrop. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

floral cupcake toppers
floral wrapping

9. Floral Gift Wrap: Yes, you are correct. This gift wrap is inspired by one of our fave chick flicks. (via Eryn With a Y)

floral lamp shade

10. Flower Pendant Light: Sure, it may not be practical, but the gorgeousness totally makes up for it. (via Paper and Stitch)

rose water

11. Rose Water: With this delicately scented mixture becoming a beauty staple, it鈥檚 about time we DIYed it. (via Babble)

flower crown

12. Flower Crowns: You know we couldn鈥檛 pass up a beautiful flower crown. V-Day blooms would be perfect for this project. (via City Girl Searching)

hanging flower display

13. Hanging Flower Installation: Imagine your delicate petals swaying over your next cocktail party. Don鈥檛 forget our invite! (via Sugar and Cloth)

What will you do with your Valentine鈥檚 Day bouquets? Tell us below!