When vegetables are beautiful, it makes them that much easier to love — and eat! And that might explain the popularity of spiralized vegetables, making dishes like zoodles and boodles SOOOOO on trend right now. We all know culinary pros who can achieve a lot with a simple paring knife. But for the rest of us mere mortals, kitchen gadgets make it easy and fun to play with our veggies. Here are 11 small peelers and shapers that will help your veggie creations rack up the likes.


1. Monkey Business Ravanello Radish Shaper ($12): These radishes look like something out of Super Mario land. Wouldn’t they look adorable in your next bento box lunch?


2. Mastrad Deco Veggie Slicer ($8): You’ve seen radish roses, but get a look at these zucchini roses! With this handy peeler, your kitchen skills will really flower (heyo).


3. Amazon MeMe Carrot Peeler & Curler ($5): Remember back in your school days when pencil shavings looked like art? This tool applies the same concept, but much bigger. It makes gorgeous spiky carrot creations to top your next sensational salad.


4. Cookings Bonké Peeler & Spiralizer ($17): If you’ve wondered how those Instagrammers achieve the most perfect avocado ribbons, they probably wield a magical tool something like this peeler. The other end of this tool is a handy spiralizer for when you don’t feel like breaking out a ton of tools.


5. DH Gate Fruit & Vegetable Flower Cutters ($24 / two sets): These cutters have so many uses. Sure, you can cut veggies like carrots and fruits like kiwi into pretty floral shapes. But you can also use them to cut cheese slices and shape mounds of sushi rice into harmonious tableaux that will help you zen out at your lunch break.


6. Webstaurant Eurodib 2″ Cylinder Cutter ($100): If you’ve ever wondered how the pros hollow out vegetables, they pull a tool like this from their arsenal. One of these babies will *certainly* help take your Super Bowl crudité platter to the next level.


7. Monkey Business Karoto Sharpener & Peeler ($12): Peel, sharpen and curl gorgeous petals of carrot, zucchini and cucumbers to top your fave zoodle dishes. Everyone at the table will be SOOOOO impressed.


8. Sur La Table OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer ($10): Because there’s almost no food that doesn’t taste better with a bit of avocado, you need this in your life right now. With perfect slices every time, don’t be surprised if you find yourself whipping up a five course avocado brunch next time it’s your turn to host.


9. Sur La Table Chef’n Twist Spiral Slicer ($25): Prepare to meet your new veggie addiction. Delicious hasselback and scalloped potatoes will be super easy — and so delicious — to whip up when you’ve got this gadget on hand.


10. Webstaurant Town Stainless Steel Six-Piece Garnishing Tool Kit ($15): Don’t you admire what designs your fave foodies can sculpt in fruits and veggies? With pro level garnishing tools like these, you’ll be making masterpieces too.


11. Williams Sonoma KitchenIQ Strawberry Tool ($12): This tool delivers perfectly symmetrical strawberry slices every time. With Valentine’s day coming, you need this in your life to add a pop of red and sweeten up those chocolate desserts.

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