Children seem to make friends so much easier than adults. Going to school together, playing on the same sports team or teasingly tossing mud at the other kid across the playground at the park and BOOM! Immediate besties! You can pretty much guarantee that tossing mud at another adult will NOT make you a new friend. That’s why it’s so awesome that Hey! VINA has appeared on the apps scene.


“We built this app to solve for our own needs as women who have moved, traveled, changed careers, and shifted lifestyles and life stages,” Hey! VINA co-founder and CEO Olivia June Poole filled in Fast Company. “Through our adult lives, we go a lot of places that our existing friendships don’t always support, and it becomes time to expand our circles.”

Touted as the Tinder of female friendships (yup, it’s currently ladies only), users create a profile through their Facebook account (for a little added stranger-danger-avoiding security) and answer six questions regarding their personalities and preferences, and the app will immediately start matching them with like-minded friend-seekers in their area.

Currently available for San Francisco and New York, the app’s creators hope to expand their reach into other areas ASAP.

So if you’re looking for a new BFF, your own #girlsquad or simply someone to have an occasional coffee with, be sure to check out Hey! VINA when it comes to your neighborhood.

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(h/t Well+Good; photo via BraunS /Getty)