With summer just around the corner (side note: How is it already May 12th?!), we’re already starting to think about backyard barbecues, poolside cocktails and all that summer fruit we’re going to devour – mainly pineapple! As much as we love the delicious (and super trendy!) fruit, we have to admit, it’s a pain to prep. So you can bet when we recently came across this video of a man cutting a pineapple in just over a minute, we had to give it a shot.

Here’s the original video:

Alright, and we’re off…

Photo May 11, 1 19 20 PM

Following in this pro’s footsteps, we started by chopping off the top.

Photo May 11, 1 22 39 PM

Then, we slipped a knife just inside the skin and moved in a circular motion. This proved to be MUCH harder than he makes it look. Unless you have a super sharp knife, the knife doesn’t exactly glide through the pineapple like butter. Also, if you’re using a wide knife like I was, it’s much harder to turn with the curvature of the fruit. I eventually switched to a thinner knife and it was definitely easier, but still not a seamless process.


Next up, chop off the bottom and create a cross-hatch with your knife. In the video, the pro stabs his knife into the core and pulls it right out. This did not work so well for me. Instead, I just used my hands to pull it out, and it detached just fine.

Photo May 11, 1 28 55 PM

Now for the final step: the slicing and bagging. I’m going to be real with you guys here: This did NOT work for me. Somehow he turns the pineapple on its side and slices in about two-inch increments and everything stays intact. However, when I tried the same thing, this happened. Womp womp. I tried this whole process a second time and the same thing happened. It could just be that I need a sharper knife and more practice — or it could be that the guy in the video is a pineapple magician. I’m going with the latter, if you guys don’t mind.

Photo May 11, 1 44 03 PM

Even though I totally failed at this, I ended up with a GIANT bowl of pineapple to share with everyone at Brit HQ. So really it’s still a win, right?! (Editor’s Note: Right!)

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(h/t Marie Claire)