The sun might be setting around 5 pm lately, but that doesn’t mean we need to stay in darkness. The WakaWaka Power is a solar-powered flashlight that doubles as a phone charger. The best part: With every WakaWaka product you buy, a WakaWaka Light will be given to those in need in developing countries.


Fun Fact: WakaWaka means “Shine bright” in Swahili. And with its powerful battery, this flashlight will definitely help the world “WakaWaka” for long periods of time. On a single eight-hour sun bathing sesh, the torch can fully charge your smartphone within two hours and provide light for 40 hours. If you don’t need to charge your phone and only plan to use it as a flashlight, it can go for 150 hours, making it a perfect addition to your emergency preparedness kit or camping supplies.


You can help spread light by purchasing a WakaWaka Power ($79) here.


Will you use your WakaWaka Power as an emergency device or on the daily? Let us know in the comments!