Truth: Here at Brit + Co. we love contact paper. It is the best semi-permanent material for decorating. Am I right?! We’ve shown you 20 ways to DIY with our favorite sticky paper but now let’s take a look at how to create stunning focus walls and wall art pieces with contact paper decals!

1. Orange and White Geometric Wall Art: We had to start this post off with a bang, and our mouths are still on the floor after seeing this beaut. The pattern, the color, the texture, the depth, we could go on and on with all the reasons why we love this design. (via Royal Design Studios)

2. Mix Match Chevron: Now this is a bold pattern. When decorating, use this one sparingly because if you use too much it will start to control the room. (via The Lovely Wall Co.)

3. Harlequin ($58): If this wall decal was a song it would be a mixture of Rihanna’s two classic hits. 1. Diamonds and 2. Umbrella.

4. Black Squares ($35): *Hint* You can totally DIY this one yourself! Buy a roll of black contact paper, cut into square and create the perfect center piece above your couch or end table.

5. Polka Dot Wall Decals ($26): We love the modern flare that polka dots can bring to a room. The black and white design is super stunning and will create a dramatic focus wall in any space.

6. Retro Wall Decal ($50): How awesome is this retro cassette tape decal. It comes in a variety of fun colors, we are all about the bright magenta.

7. Triangle Wall Design : Gilded triangles on the wall?! Yes please! (via Joanna Lynne)

8. Wall Zip Decal ($79): Corny or cute? We dig it!

9. Abstract Wall Art: Create your own wall art with contact paper! Start by cutting out a large shape to fit your space, draw different shapes and cut away. When sticking them onto the wall leave out every other piece to create that negative space. (via Devz)

10. Honeycomb Wall Decal: These honeycombs are so simple and chic. This tutorial created the honeycomb shape with washi tape, but we suggesting mixing washi and contact paper! (our two favorite DIY go-tos) Create solid shapes with the contact paper to add them into the washi pattern. (via Jade and Fern)

11. Black and White Wall Cross: Real Talk: Here at Brit + Co. we love the plus sign! Hmm this might be the perfect DIY for an accent wall in the office ;) (via Cuckoo 4 Design)

12. Sh.t Happens ($7): If wall decals are too much of a commitment try a toilet decal!

13. Magical Unicorn ($33): We know you’ve dreamt about having a pet unicorn, cause lets face it… we did too. Here is your perfect chance to make that dream come true! If you are lucky enough to have a whole room dedicated to crafts, stick this whimsical horse in there to create a shrine to Lisa Frank.

14. Heart of Gold: Gilded wall decor? You don’t have to ask us twice! This DIY is super simple. Last minute Valentine’s Day Decor anyone? (via This is Happiness)

15. Mickey Mouse Sticker ($7): And there are even wall decals for our little friends.

16. Get Naked: Save water, shower together. (via MonogramXoXo)

17. Tree Wall Decal ($87): Bring the outdoors inside with tree wall decals. These decals will elongate any room to make it feel more spacious; just like the forest.

18. Colorful Mosaic Pattern ($75): And the gold medal for most amazing wall decal goes to this baby. We absolutely LOVE these colors and the repeating triangle pattern.

Have you ever decorated your walls with contact paper? What patterns or stencils would you add to your home decor? Tell us in the comments below!