Some claim there’s a bad-lighting epidemic in America. We think that’s a bit extreme, but if you’re working on detailed projects or just reading the Twilight series for the fifth time, you need a fine light to accompany your endeavors. We’ve already shown you the best of the bunch when it comes to table lamps, and now we’re showing you the most awesome in wall illumination.

1. Vintage Green Leaded Glass: Dude. You really need to stop putting your makeup on in that horribly lit bathroom. Turn it into a well lit room so you can finally perfect that cat eye. (via Bliss)

2. Recycled Lamp ($295): Drink your fair share of St. Germain? Well, put that empty bottle to use. Make a light out of it. Or just buy one already made for you!

3. Strung ($1,175): These are kind of like permanent Italian party lights. Obviously we like that. Oh, but then we flipped the price tag over and stopped liking them quite so much.

4. Retro Reading Lamp ($150): Mmm hmm, mmm hmm, we’ve shown you the tabletop version of these little lookers. Remember them? The ones made by the music producer in Minnesota. Well, seems like he’s lighting up more than the studio these days.

5. DIY Metallic Pendant: Wait. What? You haven’t heard? Yeah, copper is like super duper hot right now. (via Sugar + Cloth)

6. Slap It: Ummm… err… we’re not quite sure what to say about these lights. But(t) we can appreciate their cheekiness. (We really do get a kick out of ourselves.) (via Joseph Begley)

7. Superordinate Antlers ($306): You know… for your English hunting lodge.

8. Angler ($24): Like to wet a line from time to time? This is the light you’ll want hanging over you when you go to sleep every night and dream of catching the big one.

9. Cellula ($677): Mini chandeliers! Everywhere!

10. Oval Bulkhead ($336): Well ahoy there, matey. This would be perfect for your nautical getaway. Or your houseboat. Or just your regular house where you dream of living the life aquatic.

11. Modo ($765): If your house is bedecked in J. Adler from head to toe, you and these lovely little wall bubbles will make fast friends.

12. Eyeball ($29): This baby is on backorder for a reason. It is beautiful. And if you can hold out until the end of May, you can have it too. Put your order in now.

13. Glo Ball ($208): Will its understated simplicity garner loads of attention? Oh, you know it will.

14. Ribbed Glass Shade ($1,143): You still haven’t redone your bathroom in subway tile yet?! Well good, because you’re going to want to work these into the remodel as well.

15. Parola: It’s kind of like a fish bowl. And then it’s kind of like a torch. These two things make us really like it. (via Archi Products)

16. Transformed Copper Pipe: You guys. This copper thing is no joke. This is yet another tutorial. We’re not kidding. You need to do this now. (via Camille Styles)

17. Colored Wall Sconce ($65): You know we love these pops of color, and we especially love them all hung together. Is it worth the blinding glow they’ll create once you flip the switch. We think so, yes.

18. Mid Century Modern ($159): You’ve probably seen a wall light similar to this one. The difference being that this one has a clear globe rather than a white globe. Huge difference. Like massive.

19. Industrial ($49): We like the color, but we mostly like the striped cord with the integrated switch, so we don’t have to stand up and flip the switch when our Clapper is failing to perform.

Are you flipping the switch with flair? Light it up in the comments below.