As you may already know, we just moved into a new office. While it’s an awesome new space, there are all sorts of new things we’ve found ourself in need of. Case in point, creative desk lamps! Whether you want to learn how to make your own or support a creative lamp maker, here are 20 handmade lamps that are sure to light up your workspace.

1. Dino Sanchez Table Lamp Kit ($75): First up, a lamp kit designed by artist Dino Sanchez. We’re digging the teal green hue of the lamp socket and the linear style of the whole piece.

2. Mario Brothers Industrial Pipe Lamp ($180): Every time you need to turn the light on, you have a perfectly good excuse to exclaim, “It’s me, Mario!”

3. DIY Bedside Lamp: Can you believe this is DIY? It’s a project that was done in three parts, and definitely takes a good amount of dedication. We think the results are worth it though! (via Nimi Design)

4. Kozo Industrial Chic Desk Lamp ($379): An upcycled art piece meets desktop illumination in this kooky Kozo lamp. We’re inspired to try drumming up our own industrial lighting after a trip or two to Home Depot.

5. Coil Lamp DIY Kit ($69): How cool is this clear lamp base and shade? Especially next to that almost-shocking (pun intended) bright orange cord.

6. USB ChocoLight with DIY Cup ($20): This quirky number looks like a cup pouring chocolate or coffee into a small bowl… but it’s a lamp! And you can design your own shade with the cups provided.

7. Giant T-Rex Dinosaur Lamp Kit ($139): Got a thing for Jurassic Park? Or dinos in general? This would make for a fun lamp in a kid’s room, or even an office!

8. Bookends Lamp ($70): Function meets function? Yes please! Such a great way to combine two things you need at your desk.

9. Electrified Fox: This funny fox is made using LED string lights and a basic stuffed animal design. (via Matsutake Blog)

10. Twitter Mood Light: Powered by Arduino, a WiFly wireless module, an RGB LED, a 9v battery, and Twitter, this light changes color based on the general mood on Twitter. If people are angry it turns red, sad turns blue, and so on. (via Instructables)

11. Single Lens Reflex Wall Mounted Lamp: I know we said desk lamps but… this is too awesome not to include. This would be a great project to do with vintage cameras found at flea markets and antique fairs. (via PetaPixel)

12. Japanese Box Lamp: Inspired by traditional Japanese lighting, this box lamp is simple to create and sets a lovely delicate mood. (via Instructables)

13. Colorful Light Desk Lamp Kit ($39): Doesn’t this look like Tetris came to life? We really, really, really want to build a few of these for Brit HQ.

14. Desk Lamp Clock: How silly is this? It’s a desk lamp that has been turned into an adjustable clock! We know it’s not technically a lamp anymore, but it would certainly light up any desk. (via Monsters Circus)

15. Vintage Teal Steampunk Lamp ($59): Don’t be alarmed – Steampunk doesn’t always mean gas masks and weird outfits. It can also mean cool vintage finds turned into decor!

16. Oak and Brass Lamp Kit ($75): Another one by Dino Sanchez, the whimsical nature of how this lamp is propped up reminds us of something out of Wall-E.

17. Restored Vintage Gooseneck Table Lamp ($157): They just don’t make ’em like they used to, eh? Well, sorta. This lamp was created from a vintage find but made much more colorful.

18. Concrete Base Desk Lamp: Part of our recent concrete DIY roundup, we’re all over the minimal look of this sturdy lamp. (via Pastill)

19. Ion Lamp Box Set ($105): Created and designed by the folks at Schoolhouse Electric, this rustic industrial lamp is for design-lovers and minimalists alike.

20. Industrial Cage Table Lamp ($58): Last up, a vintage-style cage lamp. It’s almost like you just set a pendant light right on your desk :)

Which of these lamps do you love? Which do you hate? Would you put any of them on your desk? Talk to us in the comments below.