We love riding our bikes in a music-pumping spin class, but sometimes we crave other exercise experiences. From yoga to pilates to martial arts, it can be super fun to try something new that’s also (bonus!) healthy. So when we discovered that our favorite mode of transpo had been transformed into a water sport, we couldn’t wait to take it for a spin.

You can now bike on water, thanks to the Schiller X1, the first water bike we’ve seen that actually functions like a bike, rather than a paddle boat. Real bike parts, from the handlebars and cranks to the saddle and pedals, are supported by inflatable tubes on either side.

The Schiller X1 uses propellers on specially-designed responsive arms, allowing riders to make sharp turns without a bulky rudder. Assembling and taking apart the stainless steel contraption only takes 10 minutes, and the bike also comes with LED lights to stand out in the dark, plus a storage compartment.

Besides just being a fun upgrade to your bestie’s lakehouse, we can only imagine what this water bike could do for commuters who have to take a ferry to get to the office. Schiller better start working on a water bike lock next…

Would you trade your current transportation for this water bike? What are your thoughts on using it? Let us know below!