Bicycles are super trendy right now (yes, bikes can be trendy), and for great reason. They encourage good health, push you to exercise and are environmentally friendly. Plus they save you money (no gas!) and time (no traffic!). It’s safe to say that bicycles are in, so you should probably consider investing in one. We’ve taken the work out of the search and are bringing you 18 of the most fashionable bikes out there to choose from, so you can be cruising in style on your next weekend joyride.

1. Willow Cruiser ($580): When it comes to adorably irresistible things, Anthropologie always has us covered. This bike, which comes in shocking orange or baby blue, is clearly no exception.

2. SR Bicycle ($4,500): This handcrafted, color blocked bike combines a mixte bike, an English town bike and a mountain bike all into one. The red, white and blue colors were no accident either…this baby is made in America.

3. BionX Electric Bike ($1,999): The bright orange hue of this electric bicycle is enough to make us crave a joyride. Based on a classic French city bike, the frame is especially made for women who like to wear skirts when they ride.

4. Dutch Bike ($299): Who can say no to a fun, lightweight and affordable turquoise bike from Public? It’s the perfect option for casual trips around town.

5. Faraday Porteur Bike ($3,500): Faraday’s flagship product is worth the hefty price tag. It’s electric and has built-in front and rear lights for safety.

6. Coffee 2 Bike ($490): Schwinn’s signature downtown bike is not only practical, it’s eye-catching, too.

7. Caféracer ($501): Veloretti’s minimalist bicycle was made for smooth rides on city streets. Not to mention, the chic turquoise color option complements the simplicity of the bike’s design perfectly.

8. Gramercy Bike ($1,200): To say we’re obsessed with this all-red Martone bike would be an understatement. Even the basket matches its cherry tone!

9. Fläder Bike ($690): This wide-set, classic bicycle was designed by Swedish cyclists for comfortable cruising. It features a metal wire basket, a cute bell and both front and rear brakes.

10. Deluxe Cruiser ($379): Cruise around town in a classic Huffy. It even comes complete with a front basket, rear rack and cup holder. And it’s mint green!

11. Bamboo Bicycle ($1,288): The neatest part about this cruiser (aside from the fact that it’s made of legit bamboo) is that it supports people in Kumasi, Ghana. Not only does the factory provide work for the locals there, but it also supplies income for their bamboo-harvesting communities.

12. Willow 7 Speed Bicycle ($749): This dreamy blue vehicle from Brooklyn Bicycle Co. is a timeless combo of vintage and modern. Plus it’s unisex so you can share it with your beau!

13. Sandwichbike ($1,187): Riding in as one of the most unique styles we’ve ever seen, the sandwichbike is highly customizable. You can personalize yours by submitting a logo and an image to create a truly one-of-a-kind style to cruise on.

14. Carbon Fiber Bicycle ($11,300): If you’re all about the style, opt for this sleek choice by Hermes. It’s durable, comfortable and oh-so-chic. We can’t help but wonder if it comes in their extra large, signature orange box.

15. Dutchi 1 Bike ($485): Linus’ classic Dutch bike comes with a curved frame in a bright green hue. Ideal for day trips and weekend riding, it’s outfitted with leather grips and a mid-century metal bell. Ring, Ring!

16. Britannia Bike ($1,146): Let’s discuss just how adorable this pick is. The oversized wicker basket and fun, loud color make us feel like kids headed out for a neighborhood spin.

17. Zissou Bike ($400): Solé decked out this pretty pick with a steel frame and riser handlebars. We don’t know which we love more: the silver studs on the seat or the bright white tires.

18. 24K Gold Mountain Bike ($1,000,000): If you happen to have a million dollars to spare, consider spending it on this ultra luxe mountain bike that’s overlaid with pure gold. “The House of Solid Gold” logo is embellished with black diamonds and golden sapphires, so it’s no wonder this bike is the most expensive and fashionable one in the world.

Which of these stylish bikes do you like best? Do you own a bicycle? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.