There’s a reason your best friend is awesome. He or she is your go-to karaoke partner. They text you the right emoji when you’re feeling big time sad face. You go on badass Anna Kendrick-inspired BFF dates together. They know to get you a #bestfriendsbitches soy candle because you’ve had one of those days. When you were hella preggers and rightly cranky, they promptly got you some prenatal fitness DVDs to work out that bad mood. So when your BFF goes through a gut-wrenching breakup with that guy or girl (you know the one), here are a few simple + thoughtful ways to tell your best pal that you are there for them 100%.

1. Belt out some tunes at karaoke. Even if your bestie is bummed about their breakup, take him or her out to your local karaoke bar. Choose the cheesiest cornball songs and sing your hearts out. Document the night with ridiculous selfies. Repeat an additional night, if necessary.

2. Send fresh flowers. Flowers shouldn’t just be reserved for romantic relationships. A beautiful bouquet tells your bestie that you love them in the prettiest way possible. We love this San Francisco-based flower delivery service Farmgirl Flowers. The company delivers US-grown seasonal flowers in an adorable eco-friendly burlap wrap. (Plus, your friend will receive gold flower temporary tattoos in the box!)

3. Bling up their life. This simple rose quartz bracelet symbolizes love, friendship and happiness. All the things that your gal or lad needs to know and feel right now from you.

4. Make them a fun Spotify playlist. Breakup songs are a must, so compile your favorite ones on a secret Spotify playlist just for your BFF. We suggest Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know,” “Someone Like You” by Adele and “Stay With Me” by crooner Sam Smith (his breakup song earned him a Grammy at least!) to top your list.

5. Deliver a care package of their favorite goodies. Whether your bestie’s a makeup junkie or a health food nut, send them a collection of their favorite things just ’cause. If you have a favorite place that you both frequent like a killer cinnamon bun bakery, send them some rolls with a note inside.

6. Invite them over for an ice cream sundae party. So they don’t have to eat their pint of Ben & Jerry’s alone. You handle all the fixings, grab their fave toppings and let them complain about the jerk who broke their heart while you dole out the scoops.

7. Go to the movies. Taking your friend out to a popcorn flick like Jurassic World, Magic Mike XXL or Spy is just what the doctor ordered. Fun and frivolous entertainment will take his or her mind off what’s-their-name for a few hours.

8. Treat them to a spa day. There’s nothing a massage or a luxurious pedicure can’t fix. Or, you could set up relaxing DIY day spa kit in your apartment, along with cool glasses of sparkling cucumber water. Champagne is also an acceptable sipper.

9. Send a letter. A handwritten note with a heartfelt message from you is exactly what your guy or gal pal needs when they’re down in the dumps. Take inspiration from Em O’Donnel’s handmade gorgeous snail mail, or try out Punkpost, a letter-writing app that marries handwritten cards with the ease of text messaging.

10. Send some emergency puppies. If he or she is dead set on not leaving their apartment until next year, text them some pics from @EmergencyPuppy or @CuteAnimalsBaby, or this video of a pug jumping in a ball pit for an instant dopamine boost. (Photo via @EmergencyPuppy)

What are some things you do for your BFF post-breakup? Tell us in the comments!