When it comes to your big day, a wedding veil can prove to be the ultimate accessory. The endless variety of cuts, fabrics, and silhouettes means that you can truly express your unique style. Once you’ve landed on your ideal accessory, it’s time to start thinking about how your hair will factor in. Your ‘do should complete your look and complement the special details of your veil, so it’s best to think about them as a pair. Here are five wedding hairstyles that match the most popular headpieces.

A vintage-inspired birdcage veil looks stunning with an updo that’s swept to one side.The off-center placement of your hair will draw the eye to the face, which is where your veil will hit. This sideswept style also provides a solid base for the veil to be placed into — giving you the freedom to dance the night away.

The contrast between a tapering, lengthy angel cut veil and a simple, understated topknot is both stunning and practical. A banana bun is basically a classic chignon that’s on its side, creating a casual-meets-chic ‘do.

Don’t let the beauty of a patterned or beaded veil compete with your hair on your wedding day. Whether your accessory features delicate beads or a woven design, a sleek chignon will keep the focus on the showstopping veil. Elevate the style by adding a bit of volume to the crown of your head or create a more minimalist vibe with a tight and glossy knot — your call.

A fingertip-grazing veil gives off an ethereal feel that looks amazing with glamorous, Old Hollywood-era waves. Rocking loose curls is key here; you don’t want overly styled ringlets to overpower the soft look of your veil.

The slightly mysterious, alluring feel of a blusher is beautifully accented by a statement braid. There are a million different styles you can plait, but it’s more about placement when pairing it with a face-grazing veil. A thick crown braid gorgeously brings the focus to the face, which is where the action is happening with your veil.

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Illustrated by Marisa Kumtong