Without a doubt, one of the best parts of wedding planning is picking your menu — hello, tasting day! So it’s about time that the heavily thought over menu got the attention it deserves. Show off just what good taste you and your groom have with these 25 menu ideas — from signs for the bar and buffet to craftily folded place settings for a sit-down dinner. No matter what course you choose to take, we promise these menus will have your guests hungry to dig in!

1. Surfboard Menu: Life’s a beach… and if that’s where your wedding is then you’ll love this idea. Write your menu, in paint or marker, on the bottom of a surfboard, then prop it in the sand. Surf’s up! (via Ruffled)

2. Wine Bottle: Let guests help themselves to some cheesy apps. All you have to do is guide them through their options with a chalkboard menu, painted and written on a wine bottle. (via Better Recipes)

3. Game On: Turn your menu into a fun game by attaching a spinning hand. Guests can choose which entree they want — chicken or fish? — or flick the spinner to decide. (via Green Weddings Shoes)

4. Chalkboard Door: Take an old door and paint the inside of the frame with chalkboard paint for your menu. (via Happiness Is)

5. Charge It: Instead of standing your menu off in a corner, plant it right in front of your guests. If you’ve got the dishes to spare, paint the inside of your chargers with chalkboard paint and write the menu on top. (via Grey Likes Weddings)

6. Mirror, Mirror: Find a cool mirror at a thrift store and use a dry erase marker or metallic paint pen to turn it into your menu. Small mirrors go at the bar, full length mirrors go by the dinner tables. (via Southern Weddings)

7. Pallet Post: The ways to recycle old pallets is limitless. They even find ways to make themselves oh-so useful at weddings. (via Josh Snyder Wedding Photography)

8. Chocolate Menus ($20): It’s a sweet night, so celebrate with a giant bar of chocolate engraved with your menu! The best part? It doubles as your party favor.

9. Wedding Silverware Bag with Menu ($25): Your guests can find everything they need in one spot — menu, silverware and a bag for sneaking out leftovers

10. Hanging Mirror: After you’ve painted your menu onto a gorgeous antique mirror, try hanging it from a tree or post for guests to see on their way to dinner. (via Bridal Guide)

11. Window Pane: Having a buffet? Find a multi-pane window. Each course gets its own pane, with room for a sweet note or two. (via Rustic Wedding Chic)

12. DIY Hanging Menu: Find a wood frame at an art or thrift store, then try this easy DIY. Attach chicken wire to the inside, give the frame a nice coat of paint, then hang menu cards inside using clothespins. (via Wedding Chicks)

13. Cootie Catcher: Remember that game you played with your girlfriends? Well, put those folding skills to the test with these fun menus. Each fold reveals a different course or dish. (via Oh Lovely Day)

14. Bread Sleeve: Skip the bread basket and put a French baguette at each table instead. And use the parchment sleeve as a menu that will definitely get passed around the table. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

15. Menu Wheel: Guests won’t know what’s coming next until they spin the wheel to the next course! Oh, and you can totally make this fun menu yourself with the following tutorial. (via Design Sponge)

16. Illustrated Menus: Let them feast their eyes on this gorgeous menu, illustrated with beautiful foodie pictures to excite their taste buds. (via The Indigo Bunting)

17. Cutting Boards: Go rustic with this centerpiece-worthy idea: Hang menus off of wooden cutting boards among the flowers at the table. (via Snippet and Ink)

18. Wood Sign: Find an old piece of wood and paint the menu right on top. Just prop it by a table or hang it on the wall. (via Wedding Chicks)

19. Chalkboard Sign: First, find a chalkboard frame or easel. Then, find your friend with the best handwriting to spell out your menu in chalk. (via Studio DIY)

20. Clipboard Menu: This one couldn’t be easier. Print your menu on some kraft paper, then clip it to a clipboard at each table. (via Brides)

21. Stacking Crates: This is a great one for a backyard wedding. Write your menu on wood boxes or crates, then stack them up by the buffet. Load them with napkins and silverware for guests to grab as they fill up. (via Glen Allsop)

22. Vintage Style Newspaper Menus ($189): Breaking news! This customized front page is almost as amazing as you love birds! Print your menu alongside some favorite stories and photos.

23. Accordion Paper: Tuck these guy inside your napkin or let it poke out from under a plate. The no-fuss butcher paper creation is such an elegant touch for the table. (via Julie Song Ink)

24. Wedding Placemats: This menu is serving double duty! Guests find out what they’re eating, then make a mess of the menu as they dig in. (via Where Art Meets Paper)

25. Napkin Menus: These screen printed linen napkins are almost too pretty to use to wipe your face clean. (via Atheneum Creative)

Planning a wedding? Tell us what menu ideas you’re planning to serve up below!