We’re all about creative and colorful cakes, and we absolutely adore a stunning wedding cake. But there’s something to be said for nontraditional wedding desserts as well. Take for instance, interactive dessert tables: They’re a blast. And one-of-a-kind sweet treats –those are what are going to leave your guests oohing and awing. If you need further evidence of such delight, set your sights on these 20 sweet wedding-day treats.

1. Hand Pies: These custom hand pies make everyone feel like family. Plus, what’s more perfect than ending your wedding day with a cherry on top? (via Green Wedding Shoes)

2. Ice Cream Truck: We’re totally on board with food trucks showing up at the affair. Your guests will be so excited when they hear music from a vintage ice cream truck. And the best part is they can choose their flavor so it’s a win-win for everyone! (via Ruffled)

3. Cotton Candy: It’s sticky, sugary and brings back memories of your days at the carnival. There’s something sweet and whimsical about cotton candy. So when we saw this romantic table lined with it, we couldn’t wait to share. (via Paper and Home)

4. Donut Cake: So, your guilty pleasure is cake and your boo is obsessed with donuts. The fix is in – an adorable tiered donut cake. (via One Wed)

5. Macarons: The perfect bite! If you’re looking for a dainty dessert that’s light, airy and not doused in sugar, then macarons it is! Did we mention how pretty they are? Well, you can probably see that for yourselves. (via The Bridal Detective)

6. Candied Apples: If your wedding vision entails the words “relaxed” and “fun,” then you’ll love these. Not only are candied apples fun to eat, you can dip them, top them and serve them any way you like. We’re smitten. (via United With Love)

7. Fruit Tartlets: Nothing says elegant like bite-sized tarts. It’s a fresh change from heavy desserts and perfect for a romantic wedding. (via Katie Larkin Cakes and Confections)

8. Cheese Cake: Not into sweets? Call us crazy but we love the idea of a savory alternative. This tiered cheese platter brings a whole new meaning to “cheese cake.” (via Green Wedding Shoes)

9. Rice Krispies: We all know it’s one of our favorite desserts, so serving it at your wedding only makes sense. And it’s possible to glam it up a bit with some florals. (via Mikaela Ruth)

10. Milk and Cookies: A shot of milk and a cookie chaser? We’re in. (via Belle)

11. Ice Cream Sandwiches: What better excuse to shove dessert down your throat at lightning speed than “Hey, it’s going to melt.” If you’re going to serve ice cream at your wedding, layer it with two cookies. For us, please. (via Project Wedding)

12. Strawberry Shortcake: You might not think it’s proper etiquette to serve your wedding dessert in a tin pan, but somehow, strawberry shortcake trumps etiquette. (via Dylan and Sara)

13. Whoopie Pies: You better believe your guest are going to want to make this kind of sweet whoopie. (via Loverly)

14. S’mores Bar: Those guests. They just come to your wedding and expect to be waited on hand and foot. Make ’em make their own dessert with a custom s’mores bar. We definitely encourage taking it a step further with flavored marshmallows and custom topping. (via Intimate Weddings)

15. Oreos: We’re all about going homemade. Serving a gourmet version of a household favorite cookie is deliciously genius. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

16. Waffle Cake: Um, need we say more? It’s basically creating the perfect brunch-themed wedding. (via Grey Likes Weddings)

17. Mini Pop Tarts: Everything is better when it’s miniature and on a stick. (via Sweet Cheeks)

18. Brownie Bites: Brownies – an oldie but a goodie – they never disappoint. (via Austin Wedding Blog)

19. Milkshakes: As you know, they bring all the boys to the yard. But you’re already taken. Sorry, fellas. (via All Sorts of Pretty)

20. Crepe Cake: Could it get any more elegant? Doubtful. (via Sweet Violet Bride)

Are you getting creative with a nontraditional dessert for your wedding? Share your ideas in the comments below!