We’ve gotta ask you, what’s your sign? Wait. Scratch that. If you’re perusing our wedding sign obsessions, chances are, you’ve already found your dream guy! So let’s talk about that to-do list. If you’ve checked off the dress, invites and bouquet, the next step is some seriously savvy signage. Our picks are a little functional, a little lovey dovey and a whole lotta cute — it must be a sign!

1. Simple and Stunning: They’re the must-have signs for every wedding, the bride and groom’s seat markers. It just goes to show, ideas don’t have to be complex to be beautiful. (via Elizabeth Anne Designs)

2. Photo Booth ($27): Arguably, the reason guests really show up for your reception is for the photo booth. Help them find it!

3. A Colorful Start: Give your guests a bright and friendly welcome — with a ribbon-studded sign! (via Ashville Indie Weddings)

4. Chalkboard Details: Forget handout pamphlets. (Save the trees!) Here’s an eco-conscious and seriously stylish program/sign. (via Style Me Pretty)

5. Flower Girl Fun: If you don’t want your flower girls to steal your entrance, then you probably don’t want them to carry this sign down the aisle. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

6. Spanish Sophistication: Whether it’s a nod to your heritage, your wedding theme or even your honeymoon destination, give your wedding Latin flare with these spectacular seat signs. (via The Love Well Post)

7. Hanging Update: Let the whole neighborhood know the news! You’re newlyweds and proud of it. (via 100 Layer Cake)

8. First Things First: Instead of having guests ask, “Hey, where’s the bar?” beat them to the punch with this knockout sign. (via Project Wedding)

9. Just Hanging Out: Rope off the seating area before the ceremony with a cheeky hanging sign. (via Macarena Gea)

10. Flirty Fun: Show off your personality and sense of humor with these clever creations for the photo booth. (via Belle the Magazine)

11. DIY Hangings: These easy DIY seat signs easily transform into memorable wall art after the big day. Now, that’s what we call a win-win. (via Brit + Co.)

12. Monogram Must Have: What better way to celebrate your brand-new last name than with a fancy monogram sign? We agree, there’s no better way. (via Society Bride)

13. Piece of Cake: Want to remind guests who gets the first slice (or two!)? Here’s a mini sign that does just that. (via Before the Big Day)

14. Title Celebration ($10): You’re his Mrs., he’s your Mr. And you’re both super ready to shout it from the rooftops… or at least hold a sign announcing it.

15. Sweet Sign ($30): Talk about a great sign to give your dessert table a little flare and a lot of fun.

16. Just Joking: Set up a sweet surprise for just the two of you when you sit down for dinner. These mini signs are inside jokes between the bride and groom. So fun! (via The Goodness)

17. Light It Up: For a vintage photo shoot, look no further. Showcase your feelings with a little light love. (via Wedding Chicks)

18. Directional Design: Point your guests in the right direction with this bright and bold signage. (via Glendalough Manor Bride)

19. Instagram Sign ($15): Your friends are your second-tier photographers. Let them know where they can display their photos for the whole party to see.

20. To Sum It Up: A final thought… the perfect ending to a perfect day. (via Southern Weddings)

Which sign idea would you want to include in your future wedding or recommend for a friend’s big day? Let us know in the comments below.