Ukrainian Artist Rita ‘Rit Kit’ Zolotukhina Talks Floral Tattoos

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Small tattoos, big tattoos, and everything in between — we’re here for it. In this series, we chat with budding and well-established tattoo artists about body art from around the world.

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Blackwork, neo-traditional, and tribal tattoos are pretty and all, but have you ever seen realism in the form of straight-from-nature floral ink? Rita "Rit Kit" Zolotukhina, the Ukranian artist taking Instagram by storm one tattoo at a time, uses leaves, flowers, and branches as her inspiration to make perennial plants permanent in the most jaw-droppingly realistic way. "I don’t use pictures, sketches, or photos from the internet. I work only with fresh flowers and plants or herbarium," Zolotukhina says. Once she finds the flora of her choice (or her client's), she draws it in the flesh and etches it into skin. While this type of stencil-less tattoo can be incredibly difficult, especially when it comes to intricate flowers, after four years in the business and an unbreakable bond with nature, not a detail is lost in Zolotukhina's meticulous process. The end result? A stunning piece of art that looks plucked from the ground and placed directly on your skin. Click through the slideshow ahead to stop and smell the roses as you discover Zolotukhina's work (AKA your newest tattoo obsession).

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All photos via Rita Zolotukhina

Illustrations by San Trieu

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