You know the story. Bride throws bouquet. Lucky dame catches it and is next to wed. And so the bouquet-tossing cycle continues. But just what will you have and hold on that big white wedding day? We’re going a bit atypical for the modern bride with 27 unconventional bouquets. You won’t find roses and orchids here. Instead, everything from faux-quets, hops, and veggies to butterflies and Coke cans. Seriously, Coke cans.

1. Succulents: To have and to hold, this bouquet is not only beautiful but it’s long lasting. Create a terrarium with it as a little everyday reminder of the big day. (via Style Me Pretty)

2. Cotton Balls: Forget using them to remove eyeliner and mascara. Cotton balls are now reserved for wedding day. (via Jasmine Star)

3. Tallow Berries: Out with the baby’s breath and in with the tallow berry… and more cotton! (via Etsy)

4. Hops: For lovers of craft brew, this bouquet is for you. We’ll happily raise a glass to cascading hops on your wedding day. (via Snippet + Ink)

5. Butterfly: Oh Martha, of course you’d come up with such a delightfully, whimsical bouquet. Perfect for a spring wedding, guests are sure to be buzzing over this DIY bundle of butterflies. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

6. Coke Can: Kitsch and artful, get ready to pop those Coca-Cola tops and wield your tin snips to garnish this tin-fully brilliant bouquet. (via Rock N Roll Bride)

7. Sea Shell: Getting wed on the seashore? Take a romantic walk on the beach with your beau, and collect some shells along the way to create your bouquet. (via Confetti Day Dreams)

8. DIY Origami: They say one thousand origami cranes are lucky. We think one thousand origami flowers are too. (via Capital  Romance)

9. Embellished Paper: To have and to fold. Embellish folded paper flowers with pretty paper, lace, and splashy paints. (via Chelsey Paul)

10. DIY Paper Rose: Elegant, unique, and definitely one to keep. (via Lia Griffith)

11. DIY Crocheted: If you’re a bride who knows her way with a crochet hook, working on this bouquet may be the perfect wedding stress reliever. (via Maize Hutton)

12. Felted Craspedia ($65): Woodland weddings are in, folks, and here is the perfect fairytale bouquet. Sweet and eco-friendly. (via Etsy)

13. Yarn Balls: Yarn bomb this! (via Full Mood)

14. Bulb: A stunning take on a floral bouquet. Make your winter wedding sparkle with a pairing of shiny christmas bulbs. (via Little House Charming)

15. A Touch of Metallic: Winter white interspersed amongst silver and gold. Make bells ring with this metallic statement. (via Wedding Chicks)

16. Steampunk: Baby’s breath tidied up with a wrapping of wire and keys to your heart — this is where sci-fi meets chic. (via Ruffled)

17. Artichoke: Simplicity + elegance transform the average bouquet when ornate artichokes take over. (via 100 Layer Cake)

18. Vegetable Patch Crown: When else will you wear a crown? (Hopefully more often than you think). Don this floral crown of ornamental cabbage and kale on your big day and flatter in romantic elegance. (via the The Natural Wedding Company)

19. Sugar Lemon: This is one shocking bouquet. Not only are lemons incorporated in the most lovely way… but they aren’t actually lemons. Nor are those actual flowers. This whole thing is made out of sugar. Sweet, huh? (via Design Sponge)

20. Herbs: Simple and sweet, this posy is scented with rosemary, sage, and the intoxicating scent of peonies. (via The Knot)

21. Fresh Vegetables: Forget flowers, raid the veggie patch to gather your bouquet. (via Hallmark)

22. Oversized Paper Magnolia: Make a simple statement with a single oversized magnolia. (via Wedding Party)

23. Crystal Snowflake ($225): Winter weddings are all about sparkle, the dress, the glistening snow, the crystal snowflake bouquet.

24. Cotton Candy Bouquet: And if you get hungry during the ceremony, you have a snack right in front of your face. (via Burnette’s Boards)

25. Fleur Pale Pink Feather Fan: Get inspired by the ’20s, and flutter this feather plume around on your wedding day. (via The Bijou Bride)

26. Pastel Parasols: Not only are they eye catching but parasols save you from the hot, hot sun and make for fetch photo ops! (via Weddings By Lilly)

28. Custom Clutch ($26): Now here’s an idea that can be used again and again. Double this up as your bridesmaid’s gift by filling them with a special trinket or jewelry piece. And finally, a place to put your phone!

Calling on all modern, unconventional brides. What will you be throwing or holding for keeps on your wedding day? Let us know in the comments below!