Lately, weed is pretty ubiquitous:Tech giants are getting in on it, and so are gyms. And with 4/20 right around the corner, we figured we’d introduce you to a couple of brands that make unquestionably chic paraphernalia (lol) that’s not just for the holiday — but all year round.

Meet ASCHE and AnnaBís (pronounced anna-bee), two companies combining form and function to bring you fashion accessories that are actually useful. The brands’ products allow you to carry around your goodies without that dead giveaway aroma. Both ASCHE and AnnaBís’s bags feature scent control, and ASCHE also carries jewelry that serves a dual purpose, whether it’s a clipper or a mill that you need.

1. Limited Edition Green Kush Pouchette ($185): This emerald bag will slay your accessories game without anyone being the wiser. No one needs to know what you’re doing when you leave work, right?

2. Kirsten Handbag ($135): This genius little number features a pocket for your phone, a matching coin purse, and a secret zippered compartment inside that also happens to block any suspicious odors.

3. Locket Mill ($200): This clever contraption serves as a bold statement piece as well as a cannabis mill so you can enjoy yourself on the go.

4. The Whoopee ($42): This wristlet is perfect for a night out when you may not have time to finish your joint. AnnaBís claims that your half-smoked J will stay concealed, and you’ll just look fashionable with your cute leather pouch.

5. The Frankie ($70): The Frankie is another understated leather case that’s perfect for discreetly stashing your vape. It also comes in two colorways, black and brown.

6. The Key Clip ($165): This pretty key has a hinge that lets you snap it open and use it like a clip. It’s honestly so trendy, it’d be a welcome addition to any necklace party.

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(h/t Refinery29; photos via Annabís, ASCHE, and Getty)