Summer kicked off with the news of possibly the best idea for an adult camp ever: CannaCamp. Looking to make itself a major travel destination for those that enjoy the greener things in life, Colorado is set to open up a world-class marijuana cultivation center. Step aside, breweries and wineries, because the next hot spot might just be weederies.

Set to open early 2016 in Denver is entrepreneur Christian Hageseth’s Colorado Cannabis Ranch. The purpose behind the facility overlooking the Rocky Mountains is to bring education, awareness and acceptance of the legal marijuana industry by providing a creative cultural and educational experience. Hagseth hopes to demystify and normalize the practice of legal marijuana through tours of the greenhouse, a restaurant and bar, a gift shop, a performance space that will bring the process of growing marijuana to the public for the first time and a dispensary. What’s an excursion without a souvenir, right? ;)

Though the weedery does have a dispensary for visitors to purchase legal marijuana, there is one major difference in this facility vs. a brewery/winery. No sampling of goods is allowed on the premises due to Colorado’s public consumption laws. So you’re gonna still have to go to those alcohol-centered spots for tastings. But with the changing landscape of marijuana legalization (now the law of the land in CO, OR, WA, AK and D.C.) Christian hopes to open up weederies in Nevada, Massachusetts, California and Washington where one day those tastings may actually be able to happen. Until that day comes, weedery visits will be strictly learning toke-free.

Would you visit a weedery over a brewery or winery? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Mashable; photos via David McNew/Getty + American Cannabis Partners)