Since summer has unofficially begun, those with kids are sending them off to summer camps to learn, to live and to just stay busy have a carefree fun time. For those of us without little ones 鈥 and even those doing the drop off + pickup routine to day camp on the daily 鈥 we fantasize about an adult summer camp endlessly (sometimes a theme party doesn鈥檛 cut it). This week, people have been buzzing about a whole new adult resort with a twist.

The adults-only summer spot CannaCamp is tucked into the mountains of Colorado and centers around those that have a love for cannabis. As the first property in the state to allow marijuana consumption in all public areas after the passage of Amendment 64 in January 2014, the resort is joining the assortment of recreational marijuana shops, restaurants and hotels that have popped up throughout the Centennial State.

After getting past the toke-n gimmick of the whole 鈥渨eed summer camp鈥 鈥 which, btw is owned by the 4/20-friendly version of Airbnb, Bud+Breakfast 鈥 that鈥檚 sure to lure people into staying at the 170-acre resort, curious travelers will discover it鈥檚 packed with plenty of things to fill a summer vacay with. We鈥檙e talking water + adventure activities like hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and ziplining along with educational classes like cooking with cannabis. There are even educational sessions involving regulations on the plant. Visitors will also have their creative minds stimulated with cannabis yoga, painting, tie-dying, tea tasting and dinner pairings. And just like any other resort, there鈥檚 massage therapy opportunities 鈥 only at CannaCamp it鈥檚 cannabis-infused sessions. From the outside looking in it appears those staying at the resort will be fully relaxed and, possibly, at their most creative throughout their stay.

With communal activities like bonfires, 4:20 Happy Hour and 鈥淲ake+Bake Breakfast,鈥 CannaCamp visitors have plenty of opportunities to light up and meet new people, which is the reason the only spot marijuana consumption is off-limits is inside the resort鈥檚 gorgeous (and kinda pricey 鈥 starting at $395 per person per night, not including weed) nine cabins. Guess there will be lots of socializing during the summer season, which runs July 1 to October 31 ;)

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(h/t Mashable, photos via CannaCamp)