Last year around this time, we busted out our fabric paint and an extra large market tote and got to work on making a chic weekend bag. Well, we’re back with our tote, but this time, we’re ditching the studs and going with a lavender hue instead of navy for a tote that is decidedly springy. Call it an ode to Radiant Orchid, the color of the year. And we think the folks at Pantone would totally approve ;)

As with the last weekend tote, you can snatch up everything you need to make this tote in the Brit + Co. shop for $24.99.

 – 3 fabric paints (you can choose from 3 different sets)

– canvas tote

– paint brush

– painter’s tape


1. Create a design with your painter’s tape.

2. Paint to fill in your design.

3. Let dry for at least 30 minutes.

4. Peel off the tape!

We’ll start off with creating our design. We created a sort of striped and dipped chevron shape.

Now time to paint! We did a few pink stripes, then a few lavender ones, and gold.

Be sure to paint the edges so your design wraps around the front.

Let that sucker dry.

Then peel to reveal!

Love those clean lines.


We made four different varieties using the same tools.

It’s totes a tote party! ;)

Which design is your favorite? Have you decorated your own totes before? Talk to us in the comments below.