It’s totally totes week here at Brit HQ, and today we’re serving up an easy way to customize the quintessential canvas totes using nothing but fabric paint and gold studs. It’s the perfect bag for a last minute weekend getaway or Sunday picnic.

 – canvas tote

– fabric paint (navy, magenta, gold)

– gold round studs

– painters tape

As always, the first thing to do is gather your materials. We used gold, navy, and pink fabric paint along with a bunch of round gold studs. We ended up creating 10 designs, but we’ll just take you through one step-by-step.

Create a pattern on your tote using tape. We went for simple vertical stripes with our first tote. Paint your colors in whatever color pattern you like. Let it dry and then peel off the tape.

Now your tote should look like this! Paint the other side and let dry.

To add your studs, we recommend using a spoon to bend the studs through the tote. Again, do whatever pattern you like!

Ta-dah! Totes!

We did 9 more patterns, including more stripes, chevron, triangles, and more.

How fun do these look in a row?


These totes are great for Saturday bike rides, outings to the beach, and for environmentally responsible shopping tips ;)

Which of these designs is your favorite? How might you paint your own tote? Talk to us in the comments below.