With a busy schedule, it’s tough to get to the gym as often as you might want to. We get it… but that’s no reason not to get your sweat on. Wello is a new company that brings you a personal trainer, wherever you are!

Webcams are amazing for catching up with far-away friends and family, for conference calls with virtual coworkers, and now, for bringing certified trainers to the comfort of your living room. Wello allows you to create a profile, specifying your needs, goals, and any equipment you have access to.

Then, you get to browse various trainers and pick the one that suits you the best. There are yoga instructors and pilates instructors, those specializing in crossfit and martial arts, and general trainers. You can then schedule a session or start one right away, if your preferred trainer is available. No special equipment is required and you can workout from anywhere with an internet connection.

The workouts are priced by time: You can choose a 25, 40, or 55 minute sweat session. Each trainer sets his or her own price. Some trainers offer special packages, allowing you to purchase more workouts at a discounted price or to pay up front for a specific training regimen.

The actual training session is similar to a Skype call. Both parties can see each other and your trainer will take you through a workout routine. You can choose from two different chat layouts depending on personal preference. Your trainer can correct your form and offer encouragement via the video chat session. You can watch them demonstrate the moves as well as see your own form just by looking at your monitor.

Would you try out this type of virtual personal training? What kind of tech do you use in your workout routine? Talk to us in the comments below or over on Twitter.